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  • Ways and Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady Discusses Tax Code Overhaul
    Last Aired

    Tax Policy

    Ways and Mean Committee Chair Kevin Brady (R-TX) spoke about the House Republicans' “A Better Way” tax plan, which he said would encourage economic growth, simplify the tax code, and reduce the…

  • Discussion on Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Tax Reform

    Analysts offered their recommendations on updating the tax code. The panelists discussed corporate tax rates, capital gains taxes, and proposals being offered by the 2016 Republican and Democratic…

  • Discussion on Tax Reform
    Last Aired

    Tax Reform

    Panelists talked about the challenges and implications of tax reform, broadening the tax base, and the various tax plans of 2016 presidential candidates. They also discussed the various tax…

  • Washington Journal Daniel Mitchell on the Federal Tax Code
    Last Aired

    Federal Tax Code

    Daniel Mitchell talked about the federal tax code, proposals to reform it, and the Internal Revenue Service’s annual list of potential tax filing scams. A video clip was shown of Treasury…

  • Washington Journal Ross Eisenbrey and Daniel Mitchell on the Economic Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage
    Last Aired

    Economic Impact of Raising the Minimum Wage

    Economic Policy Institute’s Ross Eisenbrey and Cato Institute’s Daniel Mitchell talked about the economic impact of raising the minimum wage on the federal and state-level.

  • Discussion on Corporate Tax Laws
    Last Aired

    Corporate Tax Laws

    Panelists talked about potential public policy responses to American companies that engage in corporate tax inversions. A corporate inversion is when a company re-incorporates abroad or…

  • Washington Journal Unemployment and Job Creation
    Last Aired

    Unemployment and Job Creation

    Ross Eisenbrey and Daniel Mitchell talked about unemployment in the U.S. and how to create private and public sector jobs. Topics included job training programs, Democratic and Republican…

  • Debt Ceiling and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Debt Ceiling and the Economy

    Economists testified on the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling. They said that Congress must do something to get the U.S. on a sound fiscal policy and to reduce debt in the long term. Virginia Senator Mark Warner called for…

  • Taxes and Income Inequality
    Last Aired

    Taxes and Income Inequality

    Economists discussed research into and policy proposals to address income inequality. Among the topics they addressed were causes of dependency on social programs, providing work…

  • Libertarian State of the Union
    Last Aired

    Libertarian State of the Union

    Panelists talked about the state of the U.S. from a Libertarian point of view. They discussed Social Security and Medicare, limited government, economic growth, and the fiscal, legal, and…

  • After Words with Dambisa Moyo
    Last Aired

    After Words with Dambisa Moyo

    The author of Dead Aid argues that flawed economic decisions made by western governments have resulted in the scales of economic growth being tipped in favor of what she calls the emerging…

  • Regulations and Small Businesses
    Last Aired

    Regulations and Small Businesses

    Daniel Mitchell talked about the impact on small businesses of Obama administration regulations, and House Republican plans to combat some of these regulations. He also responded to telephone…

  • Federal Debt Ceiling  and Debt
    Last Aired

    Federal Debt Ceiling and Debt

    A group of tea party activists led by William Temple, chair of Freedom Jamboree and the Tea Party National Straw Poll Convention, held a press conference targeting House Speaker John…

  • 2010 Public Policy Perspectives Part 1
    Last Aired

    2010 Public Policy Perspectives, Part 1

    Cato Institute fellows talked about a variety of issues including the global economy, the future of financial institutions, and efforts to combat terrorism.

  • Conservative Economic Issues
    Last Aired

    Conservative Economic Issues

    A panel of conservatives talked about their misgivings about the Obama administration’s fiscal and spending policies. Tony Blankley moderated. Topics included health care legislation, the role of…

  • Effect of Economic Stimulus Packages
    Last Aired

    Effect of Economic Stimulus Packages

    Dan Mitchell and Steve Entin spoke about both theoretical arguments and empirical evidence used to support economic stimulus packages. They focused on increased government spending and tax…

  • Unemployment Hits 55
    Last Aired

    Unemployment Hits 5.5%

    Lawrence Mishel and Daniel Mitchell talked about the rise in unemployment to 5.5% and this week’s scheduled Congressional debate over whether to extend unemployment insurance benefits. They…

  • Federal Reserve and Financial Markets
    Last Aired

    Federal Reserve and Financial Markets

    Robert Kuttner and Dan Mitchell debated the Federal Reserve’s helping JPMorgan Chase purchase Bear Stearns, the fifth-largest U.S. investment bank. They disagreed about the bailout and…

  • National Sales Tax
    Last Aired

    National Sales Tax

    The guests debated whether the current federal income tax should be abolished in favor of a National Sales Tax, also known as the Fair Tax. The issue has been discussed in recent…

  • Scandinavian Welfare Model
    Last Aired

    Scandinavian Welfare Model

    Participants spoke about social and public policy in Scandinavia, the combination of an extensive welfare state with strong economic growth, and uses of programs in Scandinavian countries…

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