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  • HHS Secretary Azar Speaks at Prescription Drug Prices Forum
    Last Aired

    Prescription Drug Prices

    Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar delivered remarks at a National Academy of Medicine forum on prescription drug prices. Secretary Azar announced a new Trump administration proposal…

  • Report on Nuclear Weapons Security
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Security

    Co-chairs of the Advisory Panel on the Governance of the Nuclear Security Enterprise outlined their interim report on the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Co-chair Norman…

  • Energy Policy Roundtable Discussion
    Last Aired

    Energy Policy Roundtable Discussion

    Former energy and defense officials along with industry professionals spoke at a conference on energy policy and security Speakers included former Shell Oil Company President John…

  • Future of Human Space Flight Apollo Astronauts
    Last Aired

    Future of Human Space Flight, Apollo Astronauts

    Witnesses talked about the future of human space flight in relation to President Obama’s recent announcement of a new direction for NASA. Former Apollo astronauts criticized the plan as a…

  • Role of Government in Energy Innovation
    Last Aired

    Role of Government in Energy Innovation

    Witnesses testified on the role of government in energy innovation. They warned of major setbacks in the development of alternative energy in the coming years as federal funding runs out…

  • Presidential Remarks on Human Space Flight
    Last Aired

    Presidential Remarks on Human Space Flight

    President Obama spoke about the future of the U.S. space program. In his remarks he explained his decision to eliminate plans for a new manned moon mission, and called for a restructuring of…

  • Strategic Planning Investment and Partisanship
    Last Aired

    Strategic Planning, Investment, and Partisanship

    Panelists talked about bipartisanship for the purposes of strategic planning and investing in the future. Topics included national security, education, and energy issues. Following their remarks, panelists…

  • Partisanship and Governance in Washington
    Last Aired

    Partisanship and Governance in Washington

    Panelists talked about challenges to U.S. fiscal and economic health and identified ways to overcome a “broken” Washington. Among the topics they addressed were the state of the U.S. economy, trade agreements, the…

  • NASA Human Space Flight
    Last Aired

    NASA Human Space Flight

    The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Subcommittee on Science and Space held a hearing on NASA’s human space flight plans. Norman Augustine, Chair of the Review of U.S. Human Space…

  • Update on Space Shuttle Flight Plans
    Last Aired

    Update on Space Shuttle Flight Plans

    The NASA Human Space Flight Review Committee is charged with formulating plans for future U.S. space missions. Norman Augustine talked about the first meeting of the Committee. He talked…

  • The Future of America
    Last Aired

    The Future of America

    A press conference was held for the release of the report Saving America’s Future: A Challenge to the American People, the first report from the Strengthening America’s Future Initiative (SAFI).…

  • Economic Recovery Plan
    Last Aired

    Economic Recovery Plan

    The House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee held a forum on the economic outlook and the components of an economic recovery plan to spur job creation and create long-term growth.…

  • Character and Leadership Dilemmas
    Last Aired

    Character and Leadership Dilemmas

    The second conference of The National Consortium convened convening teachers, administrators, academics, and professional leaders for two days of discussions on the nature of, and best…

  • Science Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    Science Competitiveness

    Former Lockheed Martin chairman and chief executive officer Augustine talked about the Committee on Prospering in the Global Economy of the 21st Century, a panel of experts convened by the…

  • Homeland Security Issues
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Issues

    The Homeland Security Advisory Council held their quarterly meeting. The group provides advice to Secretary Ridge. A number of issues were addressed, including information sharing,…

  • Defense Industry Issues
    Last Aired

    Defense Industry Issues

    Mr. Augustine talked about science research. He said that such research had been badly neglected in the United States in recent years, and that this neglect was partly responsible for some…

  • Future of Space Flight Programs
    Last Aired

    Future of Space Flight Programs

    Currrent and former NASA officials talked about the future of manned space flight and space exploration programs. Among the topics they addressed were the types of missions to be conducted,…

  • Advisory Council First Meeting
    Last Aired

    Advisory Council First Meeting

    At the inaugural meeting of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, chaired by Secretary Ridge, he swore in the other members, and then spoke about the Department of Homeland Security and…

  • V22 Osprey Program
    Last Aired

    V-22 Osprey Program

    Witnesses testified about the safety of the V-22 Osprey program. At issue were several recent crashes by the aircraft, future spending commitments, and reliability. Officials said that a…

  • emShakespeare in Chargeem
    Last Aired

    Shakespeare in Charge

    Mr. Adelman and Mr. Augustine talked about their book Shakespeare in Charge: The Bard’s Guide to Leading and Succeeding on the Business Stage, published by Hyperion. The authors explain in the book how…

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