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  • Panelists Discuss Oversight of DOJ  FBI During Trump Era
    Last Aired

    Congressional Oversight of FBI and Justice Department

    The Georgetown University Law Center held a forum on congressional oversight of the Justice Department and the FBI. Speakers included Representative John Sarbanes (D-MD), House Judiciary…

  • Debate on War and the Constitution
    Last Aired

    Debate on War and the Constitution

    John Yoo, author of Point of Attack: Preventive War, International Law, and Global Welfare, and Bruce Fein, author of Constitutional Peril: The Life and Death Struggle for Our Constitution…

  • Privacy and NSA Wiretaps
    Last Aired

    Privacy and NSA Wiretaps

    Panelists talked about privacy issues related to the leaks to the media by former contractor Edward Snowden about National Security Agency surveillance programs. This program was part of…

  • Legality of Afghanistan and Iraq Wars
    Last Aired

    Legality of Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

    Panelists debated the legality of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and actions taken by the George W. Bush and Obama administrations since the start of them. Topics included the the use of…

  • The Imperial Presidency
    Last Aired

    The Imperial Presidency

    Authors talked about their books that take a critical look at the U.S.'s role and actions around the world. They responded to questions from members of the audience. Moderator John W. Whitehead is the…

  • Rally for the Republic
    Last Aired

    Rally for the Republic

    A “Rally for the Republic” was held. Representative Ron Paul appeared in several videos. The Rally for the Republic was the kickoff to the Campaign for Liberty. This event was held in the Target…

  • Constitutional Limits of Executive Power
    Last Aired

    Constitutional Limits of Executive Power

    The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing titled “Executive Power and Its Constitutional Limitations” to examine legal and legislative responses to allegations of misconduct and the expansion…

  • Domestic Surveillance Program
    Last Aired

    Domestic Surveillance Program

    Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee held a public meeting at which witnesses testified about the Bush administration’s use of domestic surveillance in efforts to gather…

  • Distance Learning Class
    Last Aired

    Distance Learning Class

    Students from the University of Denver and Pace University in New York City participated by broadband feed in a distance learning class. Bruce Fein spoke to the classes about the…

  • Presidential Powers
    Last Aired

    Presidential Powers

    An alliance of conservatives held a news conference to announce the formation of the American Freedom Agenda, a coalition launched to “defend civil liberties and roll back excessive presidential…

  • Constitutional Checks and Balances
    Last Aired

    Constitutional Checks and Balances

    Bruce Fein, a former Justice Department official in the Reagan administration, talked about executive branch powers and constitutional checks and balances. The previous day, he and other conservatives…

  • Are Term Limits the Answer
    Last Aired

    Are Term Limits the Answer?

    Three supporters and three opponents of term limits discussed how term limits will or will not solve the problems in U.S. politics. They examined whether term limits would address such…

  • Warrantless Wiretapping
    Last Aired

    Warrantless Wiretapping

    Witnesses testified about H.R. 5825, the Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act. This legislation limits warrantless surveillance to 60 days unless the president goes to Congress to…

  • Presidential Signing Statements
    Last Aired

    Presidential Signing Statements

    Members of the American Bar Association Task Force on Presidential Signing Statements and the Separation of Powers Doctrine released a report on the constitutional and legal issues surrounding…

  • Federal Marriage Amendment
    Last Aired

    Federal Marriage Amendment

    A panel progressives and libertarians moderated by Neera Tanden talked about the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, baring states and the judiciary from legalizing same-sex marriage.…

  • Searches of Congressional Offices
    Last Aired

    Searches of Congressional Offices

    The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the constitutionality of a raid by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on a congressional office while investigating possible corruption. Witnesses testified about…

  • Presidential Censure
    Last Aired

    Presidential Censure

    The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on Senator Feingold’s call to censure President Bush for authorizing domestic surveillance of U.S. citizens and general conduct of…

  • Domestic Electronic Surveillance
    Last Aired

    Domestic Electronic Surveillance

    Bruce Fein, a Constitutional attorney, talked about domestic surveillance by the National Security Agency. Mr. Fein, a former Reagan administration official, was to testify at a hearing…

  • Criminalization of Hate Speech
    Last Aired

    Criminalization of Hate Speech

    Mr. Fein talked about his recent op-ed in the Washington Times in which he says that “hate speech” should be criminalized in an effort to fight terrorism. He responded to telephone calls,…

  • Future of the Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Future of the Supreme Court

    Legal and political analysts talked about the potential impact of the 2004 presidential election on the makeup of the Supreme Court, future appointments to the federal judiciary, judicial…

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