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  • Washington Ideas Forum
    Last Aired

    Washington Ideas Forum, Day 1 Afternoon Session

    Journalists interviewed lawmakers, Obama administration officials, and policy experts on a variety of topics. The sixth annual Washington Ideas Forum was held October 29-30, 2014, by The…

  • emHow We Decideem
    Last Aired

    How We Decide

    Jonah Lehrer talked about his book, How We Decide (Houghton Mifflin; February 9, 2009), with Robert Krulwich of NPR’s Radio Lab. The author describes how the brain makes decisions that combine reason…

  • emId Hate Myself in the Morningem Ring Lardner Panel
    Last Aired

    I'd Hate Myself in the Morning: Ring Lardner Panel

    In honor of the posthumous publication of Ring Lardner’s memoir I’d Hate Myself in the Morning, published by Thunder’s Mouth Press, authors and actors read passages from the memoirs. Mr. Lardner was a Hollywood…

  • emGerms Biological Weapons and Americas Secret Warem
    Last Aired

    Germs: Biological Weapons and America's Secret War

    Moderated by Mr. Krulwich, the panelists discussed biological weapons and warfare. Miller, Engelberg, and Broad are also the co-authors of Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret…

  • emA New Kind of Scienceem
    Last Aired

    A New Kind of Science

    Stephen Wolfram talked with ABC News correspondent Robert Krulwich about his life and his book A New Kind of Science, published by Wolfram Media, Inc. Mr. Wolfram argues that it is possible…

  • emThe Best American Science Writing 2000em
    Last Aired

    The Best American Science Writing 2000

    James Gleik, the co-editor, and three other contributors talked about the book The Best American Science Writing 2000, published by Ecco Press. The book is a new collection of 19 magazine essays on a wide array of…

  • Truth in Journalism
    Last Aired

    Truth in Journalism

    Participants debated whether integrity existed in the journalism profession and to what extent someone could be believed if they identified themselves as a journalist. Among the topics…

  • Implications of the Millennium
    Last Aired

    Implications of the Millennium

    Mr. Gould talked about his new book, Questioning the Millennium: A Rationalist’s Guide to a Precisely Arbitrary Countdown. He examined the rational and irrational sources of popular…

  • emThe Island of the Colorblindem
    Last Aired

    The Island of the Colorblind

    Mr. Krulwich interviewed Dr. Sacks, first about his love of plants, and then about his new book, The Island of the Colorblind published by Alfred A. Knopf. It is about his visit to…

  • Broadcast v Cable Television
    Last Aired

    Broadcast v. Cable Television

    At a national meeting to evaluate television programs, broadcast and cable network executives discussed issues facing the television industry. They examined a broad range of topics,…

  • International Telecommunications
    Last Aired

    International Telecommunications

    As part of a symposium on the global economy, the panelists talked about the international impact of changes in telecommunications. They discussed the growth of telephone service in…