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  • Political Landscape and 2012 Elections
    Last Aired

    Political Landscape and 2012 Elections

    Analysts and activists talked about 2012 election year races and strategies for Democrats to win. Topics included voter demographics, voter issues, state voter identification laws, and…

  • 2010 National Organization for Women Conference
    Last Aired

    2010 National Organization for Women Conference

    Following welcoming speeches from Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, awards were presented by former NOW presidents. One award is presented to the authors of…

  • emNOW v Scheidlerem
    Last Aired

    NOW v. Scheidler

    Last Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of "National Organization for Women v. Scheidler". The attorneys for both sides talked with reporters about the case,…

  • 30th Anniversary March on Washington
    Last Aired

    30th Anniversary March on Washington

    Civil rights activists spoke from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the 30th Anniversary March on Washington entitled, “Jobs, Justice and Peace.” The march, whose participants…

  • America and the Courts
    Last Aired

    America and the Courts

    This segment of America and the Courts featured a news conference, which followed oral arguments before the Supreme Court regarding the use of federal racketeering and extortion laws…

  • Candelight Vigil
    Last Aired

    Candelight Vigil

    Marking the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, Ms. Ireland spoke to pro-choice supporters about the need for continued activism during the new Bush administration.…

  • Opposition to Cabinet Nominations
    Last Aired

    Opposition to Cabinet Nominations

    Representatives from various women’s groups spoke to reporters about their objections to the nominations of Senator Ashcroft as attorney general and Governor Thompson as secretary of health…

  • Florida Election Rally
    Last Aired

    Florida Election Rally

    The AFL-CIO held a rally in support of a ballot recount in the Florida election for president.

  • Womens Political Issues
    Last Aired

    Women's Political Issues

    Ms. Ireland talks about the feminist agenda in the 2000 elections, and the demonstration she is leading tomorrow against Texas Governor George W. Bush.

  • Unity 2000 Rally
    Last Aired

    Unity 2000 Rally

    Participants criticize the two major political parties for being obligated to corporate interests because of campaign contributions. They condemned the Republican Party on its abortion,…

  • Millennium March for Equality
    Last Aired

    Millennium March for Equality

    Participants gathered to promote equality and equal rights for members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. Among the issues addressed were same sex unions, hate…

  • emStenberg v Carhartem
    Last Aired

    Stenberg v. Carhart

    Following oral arguments before the Supreme Court advocates from both sides talked to reporters about the proceedings. The case focused on whether a Nebraska law banning certain types of…

  • World BankIMF Protest Rally Part 1
    Last Aired

    World Bank-IMF Protest Rally, Part 1

    Participants spoke to protesters about the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. They said the organizations did little to relieve poverty, acted only in corporate interests, and…

  • The Face of the Family in the New Millennium
    Last Aired

    The Face of the Family in the New Millennium

    Ms. Ireland and Ms. Buchanan debated several issues relating to families. Among the issues they discussed were the impact of divorce on American culture, the role of the father in a family,…

  • Womens Issues
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues

    The speakers called on the House managers to stop torturing Ms. Lewinsky. They asked the Senators to end the trial which is an embarrassment to our country and get back to work.

  • Women in American Political Life Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Women in American Political Life Panel 2

    Panelists reflected on the strides women had made in the past 50 years noting that women’s issues had begun to define political agendas today. They also discussed the challenges which still…

  • Future of Social Security
    Last Aired

    Future of Social Security

    The panelists discussed the importance of Social Security and their ideas on how to save it. The panelists agreed that Social Security is necessary to the elderly and disabled and that it…

  • Womens Issues and Clinton Investigation
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues and Clinton Investigation

    Feminist leaders spoke to the press about the potential impeachment of President Clinton. They strongly objected to impeachment proceedings and urged both women and men to actively oppose…

  • Womens Movement Looks Ahead
    Last Aired

    Women's Movement Looks Ahead

    The panelists discussed where the women’s movement stands now and where it is going. They said women voters elected President Clinton and wondered how they see him now in view of the…

  • US Strikes Against Terrorist Bases
    Last Aired

    U.S. Strikes Against Terrorist Bases

    Mr. Cohen described the U.S. strikes in Afghanistan and Sudan and answers questions about the potential terrorist retaliation. Representative Conyer responded to questions about the possible…

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