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  • Historical Accuracy
    Last Aired

    Historical Accuracy

    The speakers presented conservative views and described some of the liberal myths and biases in the way American history is presented at colleges and universities. The session is part of a…

  • The Importance of Accuracy
    Last Aired

    The Importance of Accuracy

    Mr. Irvine, using a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” type format, explored how and why academics and the media distort the truth. He cited examples from the NATO intervention, where he…

  • AntiCommunism  The Media and Academia
    Last Aired

    Anti-Communism: The Media and Academia

    Participants talked about the career and legacy of Joseph McCarthy, focusing on how historians and the media have viewed him. They said that McCarthy’s actions were defensible and that…

  • State of Investigative Reporting
    Last Aired

    State of Investigative Reporting

    Journalists spoke about the declining accuracy and ethics in investigative reporting. Among the issues they addressed were the growing commercial interests in news stories, the…

  • Education and Culture
    Last Aired

    Education and Culture

    Participants talked about the political environment in academia, how current curriculums orient students towards a liberal mindset, and how that mindset is reflected by media coverage of…

  • Bias in the Media
    Last Aired

    Bias in the Media

    Mr. Irvine discussed news stories and bias in the media. He was highly critical of the main stream media and presented his perspective. He responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and…

  • College Campus Social and Political Issues
    Last Aired

    College Campus Social and Political Issues

    In a symposium on “Academic Freedom: Diversity or Conformity,” various speakers criticized “political correctness” in college teaching. Topics included feminism, homosexuality, media, and…

  • Media and Privacy How Far Is Too Far
    Last Aired

    Media and Privacy: How Far Is Too Far?

    Mr. Gottesman moderated this discussion on the proper boundary between privacy and the press role as a watchdog over the public interest. The debate centered on a hypothetical case about…

  • Presidential Investigation
    Last Aired

    Presidential Investigation

    Panelists talked about alleged ethical violations by the Clinton administration. They stressed that there is such a backlash of conspiracy labels against conservatives for their criticism of the…

  • Media Coverage of Political Fund Raising
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of Political Fund Raising

    A panel of journalists discussed how the media have covered the campaign fund-raising scandals that have arisen during the 1996 election cycle. Mr. Klayman talked about his experiences in…

  • TWA Flight 800 Crash
    Last Aired

    TWA Flight 800 Crash

    Commander Donaldson discussed the cause of the crash of TWA flight 800 last year and media coverage of the event. He is retired from the Navy and conducted his investigation for Accuracy in Media. He…

  • Culture Crisis and the Media
    Last Aired

    Culture Crisis and the Media

    As part of Accuracy in Media’s 25th anniversary conference, panelists discussed their views on the American press and its coverage of social issues. Journalists and educators talked about…

  • Vincent Foster Case
    Last Aired

    Vincent Foster Case

    Panelists discussed their theories on the death of Vincent Foster. Mr. Foster was White House Counsel when he was found dead of an apparent suicide in the spring of 1993. The panelists believe…

  • Accuracy in Media Award
    Last Aired

    Accuracy in Media Award

    Mr. Connerly received an award from Accuracy in Media. Mr. Connerly has been recognized for his work in eliminating affirmative action laws in California. Mr. Connerly answered questions…

  • Alumni as Education Shareholders
    Last Aired

    Alumni as Education Shareholders

    Ms. Vanov talked about her perceived biases of the academy and what conservative activists could do about it. She talked about the lack of financial and emotional support of many alumni of…

  • Conservatives are not Libertarians
    Last Aired

    Conservatives are not Libertarians

    Mr. Feder spoke about the question “what is a conservative?” He argued that many people confuse libertarianism and conservatism and that is a misconception. Mr. Feder said that conservatism…

  • Coverage of Administration Investigations
    Last Aired

    Coverage of Administration Investigations

    A panel of journalists debated the media coverage of various Clinton administration investigations and other topics. After brief opening remarks, the panelists took questions from the…

  • Political Correctness and Homosexuality
    Last Aired

    Political Correctness and Homosexuality

    Mr. Irvine spoke about the need for accurate, factual reporting by the media. He focused particularly on news coverage of the Vincent Foster case. Then Mr. LaBarbera spoke about political…

  • Moving the Media into the Mainstream
    Last Aired

    Moving the Media into the Mainstream

    Members of the panel discussed their beliefs that the press is uncharacteristically liberal and that their stand on social issues influences their reporting of news events.

  • ACLU  A Threat to America
    Last Aired

    ACLU: A Threat to America?

    The Conservative Political Action Conference hosted a discussion on the policies of the American Civil Liberties Union.

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