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  • USSouth Korea Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-South Korea Relations

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted a discussion on U.S.-South Korea relations and North Korea’s nuclear program. In this seond portion of the program, Korea policy…

  • South Korean Foreign Minister and Madeleine Albright Discuss North Korean Crisis
    Last Aired

    Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted a discussion on U.S.-South Korea relations and North Korea’s nuclear program. In this portion of the program, South Korean Foreign…

  • Washington Journal Robert Gallucci Discusses Tensions with North Korea
    Last Aired

    Robert Gallucci on Tensions with North Korea

    Robert Gallucci talked about recent provocations by North Korea as the nuclear standoff with that country continues. Mr. Gallucci took part in 1994 Clinton administration with North Korea.

  • US Policy on North Korea
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy on North Korea

    George Washington University hosted a panel discussion on U.S. policy toward North Korea and its recent nuclear threats. Speakers included several George Washington international affairs…

  • Washington Journal Robert Gallucci Discusses North Koreas Nuclear Program
    Last Aired

    Robert Gallucci on North Korea's Nuclear Program

    Professor Robert Gallucci, the lead nuclear negotiator with North Korea in 1994, talked about the nuclear threat posed by the country, and offered advice for the incoming Trump…

  • Former President George W Bush Discusses North Koreas Record on Human Rights
    Last Aired

    Former President George W. Bush on Human Rights in North Korea

    Former President George W. Bush spoke about the efect of the North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004, followed by a panel discussion on the foreign policy priorities of the incoming Trump administration and the…

  • Former Ambassador Robert Gallucci Discusses the Korean Peninsula
    Last Aired

    Korean Peninsula

    Panelists talked about the nuclear threat North Korea poses to South Korea, the Asian Peninsula and the world. Among the speakers was Robert Gallucci, former chief negotiator during the…

  • Discussion on the Nuclear Security Summit
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Security Summit Preview

    Former State Department and National Security Council officials talked about the Obama administration’s approach to arms control. The discussion was held to coincide with President Obama’s…

  • Discussion on Nuclear Framework Agreements
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Agreements, Panel 1

    Panelists talked about how lessons learned from the failure of the U.S.-North Korea Agreed Framework nuclear deal in 1994 can be applied to successful implementation of the Iran nuclear deal. “Lessons from the Agreed…

  • Discussion on Global Security Threats
    Last Aired

    Global Security Threats

    Ambassador Robert Gallucci, former assistant secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs, gave his assessment on nuclear proliferation and security threats facing the U.S. His speech…

  • Global Nuclear Security
    Last Aired

    Global Nuclear Security

    Foreign policy and nuclear proliferation specialists talked about the nuclear threats the U.S. faces around the world. Topics included the recent nuclear summit in Seoul, South Korea and Obama…

  • Nuclear Proliferation
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Proliferation

    Panelists talked about nuclear proliferation in Iran and North Korea. Topics included North Korea’s agreement to a moratorium on long range missile following the death of Kim Jong Il,…

  • Character and Leadership Dilemmas
    Last Aired

    Character and Leadership Dilemmas

    The second conference of The National Consortium convened convening teachers, administrators, academics, and professional leaders for two days of discussions on the nature of, and best…

  • Transformational Diplomacy
    Last Aired

    Transformational Diplomacy

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice talked about the concept of "transformational diplomacy", a term that incorporates sovereign self determination in the creation of democratic institutions. She…

  • Sixty Years of the National Security Council
    Last Aired

    Sixty Years of the National Security Council

    Former national security advisers spoke about the mission and operation of the National Security Council sixty years after its formation. They also talked about the changing nature of…

  • Nuclear Proliferation
    Last Aired

    Nuclear Proliferation

    Mohamed ElBaradei talked about nuclear proliferation, North Korean nuclear development programs, and the challenges for United Nations inspections programs by various countries. He spoke…

  • North Korean Weapons Programs
    Last Aired

    North Korean Weapons Programs

    Scholars talked about North Korean weapons development programs, nuclear non-proliferation issues, the status of six party talks over nuclear programs, the history of U.S.-North Korea…

  • US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy

    Senator Kerry talked about take military action against Iraq, the prosecution of the war by the Bush administration, the impact of U.S. foreign policy in the region, and the need to develop…

  • USIndia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation
    Last Aired

    U.S.-India Civilian Nuclear Cooperation

    A panel of experts, moderated by Mr. Gallucci, explored the decision by the United States to achieve full civil nuclear energy cooperation and trade with India. Following the discussion,…

  • Global Issues
    Last Aired

    Global Issues

    Former Secretary Albright and Former President Havel talked about U.S. foreign policy goals, various situations around the world, and relations with former Eastern Bloc countries. Among the…

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