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  • emHow to Get Rid of a Presidentem
    Last Aired

    How to Get Rid of a President

    Former intelligence officer David Priess provided a history of the ways in which presidents have been removed from office. Larry Pfeiffer introduced Mr. Priess and moderator Susan Glasser.

  • 2019 Soref Symposium Discussion on Middle East Peace Policy
    Last Aired

    2019 Soref Symposium: Discussion on Middle East Peace Policy

    During the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s 2019 Soref Symposium dinner, a panel of Middle East experts discussed and analyzed remarks made by Jared Kushner, son-in-law of and…

  • US Global Leadership
    Last Aired

    U.S. Global Leadership

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies hosted a discussion on U.S. global leadership and the state of democracy around the world. Speakers included National Democratic Institute…

  • emSlateem Forum Reflects on the Legacy of Watergate
    Last Aired

    Legacy of Watergate

    A group of authors and journalists who covered the Watergate scandal gathered to discuss the political scandal of the 1970s that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. They also draw…

  • Iran Protests
    Last Aired

    Iran Protests

    The Brookings Institution hosted a panel discussion analyzing the ongoing protests and political situation in Iran. Speakers included IranWire Founder Maziar Bahari and Brookings…

  • Politico Forum on Women and Leadership Part 1
    Last Aired

    Politico Forum on Women and Leadership, Part 1

    During the morning session of a Politico all-day forum on women in leadership in politics, sports, and business. Sexual harassment in the workplace was a major focus of the session. The…

  • After Words with Bob Schieffer
    Last Aired

    After Words with Bob Schieffer

    Bob Schieffer talked about his book Overload, in which he examines the impact of changing technology on journalism. He spoke with Susan Glasser.

  • Newsmakers with Strobe Talbott
    Last Aired

    Newsmakers with Strobe Talbott

    Strobe Talbottalked about President Trump’s recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly outlining his foreign policy, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Mr. Talbott, a Russia scholar,…

  • Valerie Jarrett Speaks at Women Rule Summit
    Last Aired

    Women Rule Summit, Panel 3

    Senior White House Adviser Valerie Jarrett announced new commitments to the White House Equal Pay Pledge at the Women Rule summit in Washington, DC. She took part in the discussion on empowering…

  • Brookings Institution Hosts Discussion on PostElection Media Landscape
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of 2016 Presidential Election

    Susan Glasser talked about her latest Brookings essay, “Covering Politics in a Post-Truth America", outlining how political reporting had changed and whether facts still mattered. Then she was…

  • QA with Susan Glasser and Peter Baker
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Susan Glasser and Peter Baker

    New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker and Politico editor Susan Glasser, who are married, talked about their careers in journalism, as well as their upcoming move to…

  • Future of the Democratic Party
    Last Aired

    Future of the Democratic Party

    Former campaign advisers to 2016 Democratic presidential candidates former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) talked about the future of the Democratic…

  • emPoliticoem Hosts Discussion on Foreign Policy in 2016
    Last Aired

    Democratic Foreign Policy After Obama Administration

    House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Senator Chris Coons of Delaware, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, talked about Republican presidential nominee Donald…

  • 2016 Democratic National Convention Preview
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Convention, Day 2 Preview

    Telephone lines were open for viewer calls and social media comments before the second night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

  • Discussion on USCanada Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Canada Relations

    One day prior Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s state visit to the U.S., politicians, journalists, and foreign affairs analysts talked about U.S.-Canadian relations. Topics included…

  • After Words with Senator Claire McCaskill
    Last Aired

    After Words with Senator Claire McCaskill

    Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) talked about her memoir, Plenty Ladylike. She was interviewed by Politico editor Susan Glasser.

  • Senators Patrick Leahy and Mike Lee on Bipartisanship
    Last Aired

    Bipartisanship in Congress

    Senators Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Mike Lee (R-UT) talked about bipartisanship and their efforts to work across political lines. They discussed legislation they cosponsored that involves…

  • Governors at the Fifth Annual State Solutions Conference
    Last Aired

    Politico State Solutions Conference

    Ahead of the National Governors Association winter meeting, Politico hosted its fifth annual State Solutions Conference in Washington, D.C. The event included a series of interviews with various…

  • Discussion on American Perceptions of the Islamic State ISISISIL
    Last Aired

    American Perceptions of ISIS

    Shibley Telhami released the results of an opinion poll focused on Americans' attitudes toward ISIS* and the United States' strategy to defeat it. The poll showed that 70 percent of Americans believed…

  • Discussion on Leadership Strategies
    Last Aired

    Leadership Strategies

    General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.) and J.D. Crouch II discussed leadership strategies. They assessed their own leadership styles and provided recommendations for creating effective leadership in the military…

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