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  • All Volunteer Force  Sustaining the Force
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    All Volunteer Force: Sustaining the Force

    Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the all-volunteer U.S. Armed Forces, military experts and others talked about sustaining these volunteers. Topics included personnel turnover, increased…

  • Diversity and Growth in America
    Last Aired

    Diversity and Growth in America

    Ms. Riche briefed reporters on the increasing diversification and urbanization of the American population. She also talked about the aging of American society and responded to media…

  • Use of Sampling in the Census
    Last Aired

    Use of Sampling in the Census

    Participants discussed the current results of the 2000 census. They talked about the expected errors that occur because of the uncounted as well as multiple counted households. Director…

  • Year 2000 Census
    Last Aired

    Year 2000 Census

    Panelists discussed the controversy over using sampling to try to estimate undercounted populations in the 2000 census. Following their discussion, the panelists answered questions from the…

  • Census Sampling
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    Census Sampling

    During this discussion, Ms. Riche talks about the new sampling technique developed by the Census Bureau. She talked about the history of the census in the United States and the difficulty…

  • Census 2000
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    Census 2000

    Ms. Riche answered questions surrounding the 2000 census, including the use of sampling. She said sampling is a tool that the Census Bureau wants to use to make the census as accurate as…

  • US Children Report
    Last Aired

    U.S. Children Report

    The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics briefed reporters on a new report on the status of children in the U.S. Representatives of several of the 16 federal agencies…

  • 2000 Census
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    2000 Census

    In the first of a series of several summer meetings, Census officials talked about how governmental and other organizations can help improve the count in the 2000 census. Director Riche…

  • Census Sampling
    Last Aired

    Census Sampling

    Ms. Riche spoke about the debate over the use of sampling in the 2000 census. She talked about her department’s preparations for the next population count and trying to make it as easy to…

  • 2000 Census Sampling
    Last Aired

    2000 Census Sampling

    Ms. Riche briefed reporters on how the Census Bureau plans to use sampling techniques to count previously undercounted parts of the population. The Republican congressional leadership has…

  • emWisconsin v New York Cityem
    Last Aired

    Wisconsin v. New York City

    In an interview, Ms. Riche described the process and costs of the dicennial census. Its purpose under the U.S. Constitution is for apportioning congressional districts. Mr. Goldin described…

  • Changing Demographics and Population Trends
    Last Aired

    Changing Demographics and Population Trends

    The subcommittee heard testimony in the first of a series of hearings focusing on the changing demographic profile of America, and how the changes will affect U.S. public policy in the future. The series of…