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  • emTouch and Go A Memoirem
    Last Aired

    Touch and Go: A Memoir

    Studs Terkel talked about his book Touch and Go: A Memoir, published by New Press. The 95 year-old author was interviewed at his home in Chicago. Mr. Terkel discussed his early life, his career in…

  • emWill the Circle Be Unbrokenem
    Last Aired

    Will the Circle Be Unbroken

    Mr. Terkel talked with Ms. Lewis about his most recent book, Will the Circle Be Unbroken?: Reflections on Death, Rebirth, and Hunger for a Faith, published by The New Press. The book is a collection of…

  • Conversation with Studs Terkel
    Last Aired

    Conversation with Studs Terkel

    Bob Edwards talks with Studs Terkel about his life and career. The Pulitzer Prize-winning oral historian interviewed workers, musicians, unionists, and artists to document hundreds of…

  • emComing of Age The Story of Our Centuryem
    Last Aired

    Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century

    Mr. Terkel, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, talked about his new book, Coming of Age: The Story of Our Century by Those Who Lived It. He described some of the interviews which make up the…

  • In Depth with Studs Terkel
    Last Aired

    In Depth with Studs Terkel

    Studs Terkel talked about his life and his work. He reponded to telephone calls and electronic mail from viewers. Mr. Terkel won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature for The Good War: An Oral…

  • The Craft of the Journalistic Interview
    Last Aired

    The Craft of the Journalistic Interview

    Mr. Wallace and Mr. Terkel talked about their experiences as journalistic interviewers. They discussed past experiences of interviewing various people and spoke about what it takes to…

  • emAmerican Dreamsem
    Last Aired

    American Dreams

    Mr. Terkel talked about his book American Dreams: Lost and Found, published by the New Press. He spoke about books, reading, and the importance of libraries and their contribution to life…

  • emOne More Time The Best of Mike Roykoem
    Last Aired

    One More Time: The Best of Mike Royko

    Participants talked about the life and career of columnist Mike Royko and about the book One More Time: The Best of Mike Royko, which was a collection of his columns.

  • emMy American Centuryem
    Last Aired

    My American Century

    Mr. Terkel talked about his new book, My American Century. It is a collection of portions of 8 previous books. He spoke about the major events of his lifetime and his perceptions of them.…

  • Washington Friday Journal
    Last Aired

    Washington Friday Journal

    Current news events and political issues were examined through reviews of the morning newspapers; interviews with journalists, newsmakers and legislators; and viewer telephone calls, faxes…

  • History of the Past 50 Years
    Last Aired

    History of the Past 50 Years

    The participants reflected on the year 1945 and discussed the history of the past 50 years. They also answered questions from the audience.

  • American Booksellers Convention
    Last Aired

    American Booksellers Convention

    Mr. Powell and Ms. Clinton and others talked about their upcoming books to book dealers from around the nation. Mr. Powell’s book is an autobiography entitled \f2My American Journey\fR. Mrs.…

  • Race in America The National Obsession
    Last Aired

    Race in America: The National Obsession

    KPFA Radio and East Bay Express sponsored a speech by author Studs Terkel entitled, “Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the National Obsession.” In his remarks, the author of Working and The…

  • Election Discussion
    Last Aired

    Election Discussion

    Mr. Terkel discussed the candidates he had interviewed over the years and answered callers' questions.

  • The Studs Terkel Show
    Last Aired

    The Studs Terkel Show

    Lisa Lewenz talked about photographing around the Three Mile Island power plant and interviewing the people who still live in the area.