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  • All Volunteer Force  30 Years of Service
    Last Aired

    All Volunteer Force: 30 Years of Service

    Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the all-volunteer U.S. Armed Forces, military experts and others talked about the end of the military draft and the history of the creation of an…

  • National Security and Foreign Policy Platform Hearing
    Last Aired

    National Security and Foreign Policy Platform Hearing

    The Democratic Platform Drafting Committee held a hearing at Louisiana State University. Witnesses testified regarding national security, foreign policy, and related issues.

  • Essential Military Capabilities for the 21st Century
    Last Aired

    Essential Military Capabilities for the 21st Century

    Panelists talked about a report detailing the challenges facing U.S. military planners as the 21st century approaches, and how best to change force structure and doctrine to meet them.…

  • Military Operations Command Structure
    Last Aired

    Military Operations Command Structure

    Former Defense Department officials discussed changes to defense policy resulting from passage of the Goldwater-Nichols Act which created the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After prepared remarks,…

  • Quadrennial Defense Review
    Last Aired

    Quadrennial Defense Review

    Secretary Cohen and General Shalikashvili officially released the Quadrennial Defense Review. They and others Defense Department officials briefed reporters on the report, which calls for…

  • Gulf War Illnesses Report
    Last Aired

    Gulf War Illnesses Report

    During the daily Department of Defense briefing, Deputy Secretary White, Assistant Secretary Joseph and Mr. Rostker reacted to the Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses final…

  • Gulf War Veterans Illnesses
    Last Aired

    Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses

    In their final public meeting, committee members heard testimony from veterans and other concerned citizens and CIA and Defense Department representatives concerning their experiences with…

  • Gulf War Illnesses
    Last Aired

    Gulf War Illnesses

    Deputy Secretary White announced that Mr. Rostker would head a deeper investigation into Gulf War illnesses with an additional $27 million in funding. Mr. Rostker then briefed reporters on…

  • US Troop Security
    Last Aired

    U.S. Troop Security

    Participants briefed reporters on the Downing report on the June 25 attack on a U.S. air base barracks in Saudi Arabia and the U.S. response to it. They outlined various measures which the…

  • National Security Panel 1
    Last Aired

    National Security Panel 1

    Secretary White talked about priority changes within the Defense Department. After his prepared remarks, he took questions from the audience. Then a panel speculated on whether the United States is…

  • NATO Airstrikes in Bosnia
    Last Aired

    NATO Airstrikes in Bosnia

    Deputy Secretary and Admiral Owens spoke to reporters about the ongoing NATO air strikes in retaliation for the Serbian attack on Sarajevo on Monday.

  • Armed Forces Mission Report
    Last Aired

    Armed Forces Mission Report

    Deputy Secretary White updated the media on the report of the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces. He detailed its recommendations for revising planning operations and…

  • Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Day 1 Part 1
    Last Aired

    Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses Day 1 Part 1

    Committee members heard testimony from administration officials about efforts to study the adverse health conditions experienced by Gulf War Veterans. The Pentagon recently released a report that…

  • Defense Department News Briefing
    Last Aired

    Defense Department News Briefing

    Mr. Bacon and Mr. White spoke with reporters and answered questions on the events in Bosnia and the report of the Base Closure Commission.

  • Entitlement Reform and the Deficit
    Last Aired

    Entitlement Reform and the Deficit

    Moderated by Mr. White and Ms. Phillips, the panel discussed the politics of deficit reduction and entitlement reform. They attempted to answer whether or not the need for further budget…

  • Deficit Reduction and Economic Growth
    Last Aired

    Deficit Reduction and Economic Growth

    Mr. Volcker delivered the keynote address, discussing the goals, principles, and elements of a balanced budget plan which would create long-term growth for the U.S. Following his speech, he…

  • Clinton Economic Conference
    Last Aired

    Clinton Economic Conference

    Several economists and business leaders spoke during the opening session of the economic conference called by the Clinton presidential transition team in the Robinson Convention Center in…

  • Budget Issues
    Last Aired

    Budget Issues

    Mr. White spoke about federal spending programs, the proposed balanced budget amendment, quality managing and monitoring of the budget, and how the media affects the budget process.