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  • Japanese New Frontier Party Convention
    Last Aired

    Japanese New Frontier Party Convention

    Three former prime ministers who are now officials in the New Frontier Party spoke to the party’s national convention. The party leader and others also spoke. Translation into English was…

  • Response to Prime Minister
    Last Aired

    Response to Prime Minister

    The vice party leader of the New Frontier Party responded to the prime minister’s speech to the opening session of the Diet, including a request that the prime minister resign. Prime…

  • New Frontier Party Formation
    Last Aired

    New Frontier Party Formation

    Leaders of the New Frontier Party, which is a coalition of ten different parties, spoke at the inaugural meetingJapanese political parties participated in the first meeting of a new…

  • New Japanese Coalition Formation
    Last Aired

    New Japanese Coalition Formation

    In Japan, a new political bloc, the Reform Coalition, was announced. It is composed of ten opposition parties with 187 members.

  • Japanese Local Election
    Last Aired

    Japanese Local Election

    Several important Japanese politicians, including three former Japanese prime ministers were in the city of Nagoya to campaign for a local candidate running for a seat in the House of…

  • Japanese Diet Question Time
    Last Aired

    Japanese Diet Question Time

    Following the election of a new Japanese prime minister, outgoing Prime Minister Hata spoke to the Japanese legislature (Diet) concerning his hopes for the country and his tenure in office.…

  • Japanese Prime Minister Resignation
    Last Aired

    Japanese Prime Minister Resignation

    Japanese Prime Minister Tsutomu Hata announced that he would resign rather than face a parlamentary vote on a no-confidence motion against his minority coalition government. The prime…

  • Japanese Prime Minister Address
    Last Aired

    Japanese Prime Minister Address

    Prime Minister Hata spoke during a train stop concerning the need for expansion of voting rights and education for naturalized Japanese. On June 13th, the emperor and empress of Japan will…

  • Response to Prime Minister First Address
    Last Aired

    Response to Prime Minister First Address

    The two main opposition leaders responded to Prime MinisterHata’s first policy address, which occurred on May 10th. Mr. Kono spoke about the need for stability and “normalcy” in Japanese…

  • Prime Minister Hatas First Policy Address
    Last Aired

    Prime Minister Hata's First Policy Address

    Mr. Hata spoke about completing the political, economic and administrative reforms of the Hosokawa government and ensuring a broad-based coalition. He also spoke about the need…

  • Prime Minister Nomination Announced
    Last Aired

    Prime Minister Nomination Announced

    Various Japanese party leaders announced the nomination of Tsutomu Hata as prime minister and confirmed their support for him. After their remarks, they answered questions from the press.…

  • Japanese Government Administrative Policies
    Last Aired

    Japanese Government Administrative Policies

    In the Japanese equivalent of the State of the Union address, Prime Minister Hosokawa and two of his senior ministers spoke on administrative policies and economic reform to the Japanese…

  • USJapan Trade Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Japan Trade Relations

    Prime Minister Hosokawa spoke to the House members and outlined the details of his meetings with President Clinton concerning international trade conflicts including Japan’s refusal to abide by…

  • Japanese Question Time
    Last Aired

    Japanese Question Time

    In an excerpt, members of the House of Councillors, the upper house of the Japanese parliament, questioned Prime Minister Hosokawa and other officials. After being elected last year, the prime…

  • Japanese Political Issues
    Last Aired

    Japanese Political Issues

    Prime Minister Hosokawa and newly appointed members of his Cabinet spoke in a news conference on the agenda for the Japanese government under the new government. Mr. Hosokawa was appointed…

  • Hata Campaign Speech
    Last Aired

    Hata Campaign Speech

    Mr. Hata spoke about the break in the Liberal Democratic Party which resulted in the formation of the Japan New Party, the need for government reforms, and the goals of the Japan New Party.

  • Economic Condition of Japan
    Last Aired

    Economic Condition of Japan

    Mr. Hata spoke about the economic troubles of Japan and the world. He discussed the need for more investment and less emphasis on the “quick fix.”