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  • Supreme Court Landmark Case emKorematsu v United Statesem
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Landmark Case Korematsu v. United States

    Peter Irons and Karen Korematsu talked about the 1944 U.S. Supreme Court case Korematsu V. United States, in which the court ruled 6-3 that Japanese internment camps were necessary for the…

  • The Constitution and Presidential War Powers
    Last Aired

    The Constitution and Presidential War Powers

    A panel of authors who have written books about the American Constitution debated U.S. foreign policy and how the government should interpret the laws regarding war. Among the topics they…

  • emGod on Trialem
    Last Aired

    God on Trial

    Peter Irons talked about his book God on Trial: Dispatches from America’s Religious Battlefields, published by Viking. Professor Irons, also a constitutional lawyer, outlined major court…

  • Religion and the Constitution
    Last Aired

    Religion and the Constitution

    The guests talked about major Supreme Court precedents related to the free exercise and the establishment clauses of the First Amendment. They discussed them with students from around the nation…

  • Cameras in the Courts
    Last Aired

    Cameras in the Courts

    First Senators Grassley and Schumer testified. Then judges, attorneys and television executives testified about the use of cameras in the courtrooms of various federal courts. Among the…

  • emBrown v Board of Educationem
    Last Aired

    Brown v. Board of Education

    Participants talked to students about the decision in Brown v. Board of Education and the impact of the decision on education and race relations. Following their remarks they answered…

  • emNew York Times v United Statesem
    Last Aired

    New York Times v. United States

    Following a taped interview with Professor Irons about the case, the audio transcript of arguments in New York Times v. United States was heard. The case involved the federal government’s opposition to…

  • emMiranda v Arizonaem
    Last Aired

    Miranda v. Arizona

    Professor Irons spoke by remote link about the case of Miranda vs. Arizona in which a man, Ernesto Miranda, was convicted of rape and kidnapping on the basis of a confession. The case…

  • emRoe v Wadeem 1972
    Last Aired

    Roe v. Wade 1972

    Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court case which made abortions legal in the U.S., was argued twice before the Court. Mr. Irons explained that at the 1971 hearing the Supreme Court had only…

  • emRoe v Wadeem Interview
    Last Aired

    Roe v. Wade Interview

    Professor Irons discussed the history of the Roe v. Wade case.

  • emUS v Nixonem
    Last Aired

    U.S. v. Nixon

    Mr. Irons spoke about the Watergate Supreme Court arguments. He discussed the format of the testimony and the outcome of U.S. vs. Nixon.

  • emRoe vs Wadeem Introduction
    Last Aired

    Roe vs. Wade Introduction

    Professor Irons discussed the Supreme Court decision of Roe vs. Wade.

  • Supreme Court Audio Tapes Controversy
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Audio Tapes Controversy

    Professor Irons is the co-editor of a book and audio tapes of oral arguments of the U.S. Supreme Court called \f2May It Please the Court\fR, published by The New Press. The release of the tapes…

  • Supreme Court Oral Arguments Audio Recordings
    Last Aired

    Supreme Court Oral Arguments Audio Recordings

    Mr. Irons, author of May It Please the Court, a book and accompanying audiotape featuring oral arguments in famous cases heard before the Supreme Court since 1955, spoke via satellite link…