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  • Health Care Reform Special Briefing
    Last Aired

    Health Care Reform Special Briefing

    Dee Myers introduced Governor Wahihee (HI) and SBA administrator Erskine Bowles, who reported on the success of Hawaii’s universal health coverage. Press representatives asked a number of…

  • Closing Plenary Session
    Last Aired

    Closing Plenary Session

    Governor Campbell spoke following an address by President Clinton. Governor Campbell handed over the gavel to the new director of the NGA, Governor Howard Dean.

  • National Governors Association Meeting
    Last Aired

    National Governors' Association Meeting

    Governors Waihee and Thompson spoke about today’s session of the National Governors' Association meeting in which both Senator Dole and President Clinton will address the governors.

  • West Under Media Scrutiny
    Last Aired

    West Under Media Scrutiny

    Western governors spoke with reporters during a forum concerning the news coverage of issues effecting the West.

  • Hawaii State of the State Address
    Last Aired

    Hawaii State of the State Address

    Governor Waihee spoke to the state legislators concerning a number of important state issues during the state of the state address. He endorsed President Clinton’s health care plan and…

  • Presidential Health Care Proposal
    Last Aired

    Presidential Health Care Proposal

    Governor Waihee discussed President Clinton’s health care proposal. He stated that the state of Hawaii has had a similar type of system in place since 1974 and that it has been successful…

  • State Health Care Systems
    Last Aired

    State Health Care Systems

    Mr. Merritt discussed the health care plans currently in place in various states around the nation and initiatives being proposed in others to make health care more affordable for Americans and…

  • 1993 NGA Executive Committee Winter Meeting
    Last Aired

    1993 NGA Executive Committee Winter Meeting

    Members of the Executive Committee of the National Governors Association discussed fiscal and other issues affecting state governments in the 1993 winter meeting. The meeting included debate on…

  • Health Care Cost Containment
    Last Aired

    Health Care Cost Containment

    Members of the National Governors Association Task Force on Health Care spoke in a news conference following their meeting with officials and business leaders in Washington, DC. Issues…

  • Hawaii State Issues
    Last Aired

    Hawaii State Issues

    Mr. Waihee discussed the political nature of the Annual Meeting. He also remarked on the Democratic Governors' Association meeting which included Governor Clinton. Mr. Waihee commented on…

  • Clinton Campaign News Conference
    Last Aired

    Clinton Campaign News Conference

    Leading Democratic governors showed support for Governor Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate. Each governor expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming race and remarked on some of Mr.…

  • Welcoming Remarks
    Last Aired

    Welcoming Remarks

    Welcoming remarks during the first evening of the Democratic National Convention in New York, NY, included an invocation by Representative Floyd Flake and the presentation of the colors by…

  • Final Plenary Session
    Last Aired

    Final Plenary Session

    The National Governors' Association concluded its four days of meetings with the final plenary session. The governors discussed the highly partisan exchange between President Bush and Governor…

  • Hawaii State of the State Address
    Last Aired

    Hawaii State of the State Address

    Governor John Waihee addressed a joint session of the Hawaii legislature, reiterating his administration’s commitment to lowering health care costs and reforming the educational system. He…

  • US Trade Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Trade Policy

    The committee on international trade headed by Governor Walters of Oklahoma discussed U.S. trade policy with emphasis on trade to Russia. The meeting was highlighted with a speech by Robert…

  • International Trade Issues
    Last Aired

    International Trade Issues

    The members of the panel discussed future projects planned to encourage international trade. They talked about a new Peace Corps plan for strengthening ties between the United States and…

  • Health Care Task Force
    Last Aired

    Health Care Task Force

    The members of the panel met for the third time to discuss health care issues. They talked about the advantages of various national health care programs. They also explored the…

  • Health Care Roundtable
    Last Aired

    Health Care Roundtable

    The members of the panel discussed the need for a national health care program in America. The topics of high insurance costs and excess paperwork in the current system were isolated as…

  • Hawaii State of the State Address
    Last Aired

    Hawaii State of the State Address

    Mr. Waihee, a Democrat and the first native Hawaiian governor of the state, was elected governor of Hawaii in 1986 and reelected in 1990. During his term as governor, Hawaii adopted the U.S.'…

  • International Trade and Foreign Relations
    Last Aired

    International Trade and Foreign Relations

    The Joint Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and International Trade heard testimony on problems and possibilities for the states in international trade. Ambassador Hills…

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