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  • Former Representative Patricia Schroeder Oral History Interview
    Last Aired

    Former Representative Patricia Schroeder Oral History Interview

    Pat Schroeder served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1973 to 1997 as a Democrat from Colorado. When elected, she was one of only fourteen congresswomen. In this interview she talked…

  • Sarah Brady February 6 1942  April 3 2015
    Last Aired

    Brady Bill Signing Ceremony

    President Clinton, joined by Jim and Sarah Brady and a number of congressional leaders, signed the long-debated Brady Bill. The Brady Bill creates a five-day waiting period for a background check on…

  • The 1970s and Women in Politics
    Last Aired

    The 1970s and Women in Politics

    Democrat Pat Schroeder of Colorado talked about the obstacles that women and other minorities faced in the 1970s, and described her work as a representative at the height of the women’s…

  • National Organization for Women Conference
    Last Aired

    National Organization for Women Conference

    Patricia Schroeder and Sara Manzano-Diaz spoke at the National Organization for Women conference. Ms. Schroeder talked about Congress and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and Ms.…

  • Texas Cult Standoff Part 1
    Last Aired

    Texas Cult Standoff Part 1

    The committee heard testimony from the attorney general on the actions of the government concerning the siege of an armed religious cult near Waco, Texas last month. The government’s siege of the cult,…

  • Laura Bush Keynote Address
    Last Aired

    Laura Bush Keynote Address

    Laura Bush talked about the importance of literacy domestically and abroad. This was the keynote address at the 2008 Association of American Publishers General Annual Meeting at the Yale…

  • After Words with Cokie Roberts
    Last Aired

    After Words with Cokie Roberts

    Cokie Roberts talked about her book Ladies of Liberty: The Women Who Shaped Our Nation, published by William Morrow. In her book Ms. Roberts tells the story of some of early America’s notable women and…

  • SameSex Marriage
    Last Aired

    Same-Sex Marriage

    Committee members heard testimony concerning the Defense of Marriage Act from activists, state legislators and others. They testified about whether marriage should be defined as the union…

  • USChina Trade Issues
    Last Aired

    U.S.-China Trade Issues

    Witnesses testified about U.S. trade relations with China. Among the issues the addressed were the size of the trade deficit with China, copyright and intellectual property protections,…

  • House Session
    Last Aired

    House Session

    Elections for the 102nd Congress was shown. Rep. Foley (D-WA) was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives. Rep. Gephardt (D-MO) and Rep. Michel (R-IL) were elected majority and…

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  • Congressional Term Limits
    Last Aired

    Congressional Term Limits

    In an excerpt, members debated a constitutional amendment on congressional term limits.

  • Tribute to Life of Betty Friedan
    Last Aired

    Tribute to Life of Betty Friedan

    The achievements and legacy of Betty Friedan (1921 - 2006) were recognized. Ms. Fridan was the author of The Feminine Mystique in 1963 and one of the co-founders of the National…

  • BookExpo America Interview
    Last Aired

    BookExpo America Interview

    Ms. Schroeder talked about the Association of American Publishers and BookExpo America.

  • Privacy Issues at Libraries and Bookstores
    Last Aired

    Privacy Issues at Libraries and Bookstores

    Representative Bernie Sanders announced the reintroduction of the Freedom to Read Protection Act. The legislation was originally introduced in 2003 to amend the Foreign Intelligence…

  • Petition Against USA Patriot Act
    Last Aired

    Petition Against USA Patriot Act

    In this press conference held in the U.S. Capitol, several organizations delivered petitions gathered through the jointly-sponsored Campaign for Reader Privacy to Representative Bernie…

  • Book Retailers Panel Discussion
    Last Aired

    Book Retailers Panel Discussion

    Mr. Kirshbaum moderated a panel discussion on the role of retailers in the world of books and publishing. Ms. Blake, Mr. McMillon, Mr. Kaplan, and Mr. Olilla talked about their business…

  • Ronald Reagan
    Last Aired

    Ronald Reagan

    From New York City by video link, former Congresswoman Schroeder discussed Ronald Reagan’s presidency and her experiences serving in the House of Representatives during his administration.…

  • Saturday Book and Author Luncheon  Media Talks
    Last Aired

    Saturday Book and Author Luncheon: Media Talks

    The Saturday Book and Author Luncheon featured some of the nation’s top media commentators on one panel discussing their upcoming works. The discussion became heated at times. Ms. Schroeder moderated the panel featuring media commentators…

  • Sunday Book and Author Breakfast
    Last Aired

    Sunday Book and Author Breakfast

    The panelists discussed their forthcoming books as well as other aspects of their life and works. The panelist were: Madeleine Albright, author of Madame Secretary, from Miramax; Maxine Hong…

  • BookExpo America Introduction Day 1
    Last Aired

    BookExpo America Introduction, Day 1

    In a brief interview, Ms. Schroeder talked about the events of the exposition and the book industry challenge of increasing public notice. She also discussed was the effect of the Patriot Act on…

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