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  • emRed Families v Blue Familesem
    Last Aired

    Red Families v. Blue Familes

    Family law scholars Naomi Cahn and June Carbone examine America’s red and blue state divide and how these regional and ideological differences affect American families. The authors examine how the…

  • Religion on Trial
    Last Aired

    Religion on Trial

    From FreedomFest 2010 held at Bally’s in Las Vegas, a debate on religion featured authors Dinesh D’Souza (Life After Death) and Steven Landsburg (The Big Questions). The debate was…

  • emThe Natural Family A Manifestoem
    Last Aired

    The Natural Family: A Manifesto

    Allan Carlson and Paul Mero talked about their book, The Natural Family: A Manifesto. They discussed the meaning and importance of family and how it has changed over the years. They argued…

  • Charities and Public Policy
    Last Aired

    Charities and Public Policy

    Arthur Brooks talked about his book Who Really Cares? The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism, publishd by Basic Books. In a forum titled, “'Tis the Season: Who’s Giving?,”…

  • emTaking Sex Differences Seriouslyem
    Last Aired

    Taking Sex Differences Seriously

    After brief introductory remarks by Mr. Fagan and Mr. Hilboldt, Steven Rhoads talked about his book, Taking Sex Differences Seriously, published by Encounter Books. Mr. Rhoads discussed the…

  • emA Consumers Guide to a Brave New Worldem
    Last Aired

    A Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World

    Mr. Smith talked about his book A Consumer’s Guide to a Brave New World, published by Encounter Books. He discussed stem cells and the controversy over using them for research. Mr. Smith…

  • emSacred Places Civic Purposesem
    Last Aired

    Sacred Places, Civic Purposes

    Mr. Dionne moderated a discussion on the role of faith-based institutions in America. Recently, Mr. Dionne co-edited a book on the topic titled Sacred Places, Civic Purposes, published by…

  • emReady or Notem
    Last Aired

    Ready or Not

    Ms. Hymowitz talked about her book Ready or Not: Why Treating Children as Small Adults Endangers Their Future - And Ours, published by The Free Press. The book offers a new interpretation of what…

  • Washington Journal Saturday
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal: Saturday

    Current news events and political issues were examined through reviews of the morning newspapers; interviews with journalists, newsmakers and legislators; and viewer telephone calls, faxes…

  • Crime and Punishment What Works
    Last Aired

    Crime and Punishment: What Works?

    The speakers opposed gun control and advocated stronger crime penalties and larger police forces at all levels.

  • Crime Control
    Last Aired

    Crime Control

    Committee members heard testimony on the priorities of the federal government relating to law enforcement. The House Republicans wish to use block grants to allow local communities to set…