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  • Discussion Focuses on Health Care Costs and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Health Care Policy and the Economy

    Panelists examined between health care policies and measures of economic prosperity such as wages, labor force participation and national economic growth. Speakers included Jason Furman, chair of the White House…

  • Health Care Costs
    Last Aired

    Health Care Costs

    Panelists examined the relationship between health care costs and income inequality. Speakers used slides as they looked at factors including income growth over the last several decades, economic mobility, and a…

  • CBO Director Keith Hall on Implementing New Budget Accounting Rules
    Last Aired

    Congressional Budget Office Process

    Keith Hall talked about a new dynamic scoring budget rule, which called for the Congressional Budget Office to consider the macroeconomic effects of major pieces of legislation.

  • Index of Dependence on Government
    Last Aired

    Index of Dependence on Government

    William Beach talked about the latest data from the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Dependence on Government, which “measures dependence on government programs for housing, food, income, student…

  • Federal Spending and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Federal Spending and the Economy

    Authors of the Heritage Foundation report that grades different countries according to “economic freedom” talked about their methodology in researching the report.

  • Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    Tax Policy

    Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) and others spoke about the future of U.S. tax policy and their opposition to the expiration of any of the tax cuts passed by the George W. Bush administration. He…

  • 2010 Index of Economic Freedom Report
    Last Aired

    2010 Index of Economic Freedom Report

    William Beach, Heritage Foundation Center for Data Analysis Director, talked about the annual 2010 Index of Economic Freedom report that was released earlier this week by the Heritage…

  • Strength of the Dollar
    Last Aired

    Strength of the Dollar

    William Beach talked about the current trend of a “weak” dollar against other currencies. He responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.

  • Economic Challenges for Families and Small Businesses
    Last Aired

    Economic Challenges for Families and Small Businesses

    Republican Whip Eric Cantor held a forum for national experts and leaders to testify about the needs of working families and small businesses and offer ideas and solutions to help revitalize…

  • Economic Stimulus Proposals
    Last Aired

    Economic Stimulus Proposals

    William Beach spoke about renewed calls for futher economic stimulus legislation in response to financial market trumoil and bleak economic predictions. He focused on proposals to change…

  • Criminal Law and Subprime Mortgages
    Last Aired

    Criminal Law and Subprime Mortgages

    Defense attorneys and former federal law-enforcement officials talked about the pressure on Congress to create new criminal laws and on the executive branch to prosecute and convict people…

  • Employment and Economic Recovery
    Last Aired

    Employment and Economic Recovery

    The House Education and Labor Committee held a hearing titled “Building an Economic Recovery Package: Creating and Preserving Jobs in America.” Witnesses testified about strategies to…

  • Economic Recovery Plan Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Economic Recovery Plan, Panel 2

    Witnesses testified about federal efforts to resolve turmoil in the financial markets and stabilize the economy. They also talked about consumer confidence, access to credit by business and…

  • Efforts to Prevent a Recession
    Last Aired

    Efforts to Prevent a Recession

    Witnesses testified about the weakened economic condition of the country and the viability of targeted policies that would be able to reduce the effect of a recession on individuals and…

  • Campaign 2008 and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Campaign 2008 and the Economy

    The guests talked about various political proposals to stabilize and strengthen the economy. Topics included reported proposals from the White House and Democratic leadership, as well as…

  • The American Political Experiment and Its Prospects
    Last Aired

    The American Political Experiment and Its Prospects

    The Heritage Foundation held a panel discussion on “The American Experiment: What the 2005 Index of Dependency Tells Us About Its Prospects.” Members of the panel discussed the balance…

  • Future of Social Security
    Last Aired

    Future of Social Security

    Participants talked about the future of Social Security, expected stresses on the system with greater retirement rates and longer life expectancy, and funding the program. Following their…

  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits
    Last Aired

    Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    The guests talked about possible legislation to extend unemployment insurance benefits. They responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Conservative Political Issues
    Last Aired

    Conservative Political Issues

    Participants talked about the conservative political agenda. Among the topics they addressed were tax policy, Social Security, and the economy.

  • The Case for the Tax Cut
    Last Aired

    The Case for the Tax Cut

    Budget analysts supported the adoption of the Republican tax cut proposal, saying that taxes were at the highest levels in history and that the legislation would be a step towards a…

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