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  • Discussion on Congress and the Executive Branch
    Last Aired

    Congressional Powers

    Political science and legal scholars talked about the relationship between Congress and the other branches of government, including how the distribution of power has changed. Topics include the contention that the…

  • Discussion on Congressional Authority and the Constitution
    Last Aired

    Congressional Authority and the Constitution

    Hudson Institute Distinguished Fellow Christopher DeMuth and former Senator Don Nickles (R-OK) talked about the role of the legislative branch and constitutional powers of Congress. Both argued…

  • emWhat Jefferson Read Ike Watched and Obama Tweetedem
    Last Aired

    What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted

    Tevi Troy, presidential historian and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, talked about his book, What Jefferson Read, Ike Watched, and Obama Tweeted: 200 Years of Popular Culture in the White House, in…

  • Papers of Clay T Tom Whitehead
    Last Aired

    Papers of Clay T. (Tom) Whitehead

    The Library of Congress held a panel discussion with some former colleagues of the late Clay T. (Tom) Whitehead to discuss his legacy and unveil his collected papers. The Library of…

  • Role of Think Tanks in Public Policy
    Last Aired

    Role of Think Tanks in Public Policy

    Tevi Troy discussed his recent National Affairs article, "Are Think Tanks Becoming Too Political?", in which he argued that think tanks have become more focused on politics rather than…

  • emGeorge HW Bushem
    Last Aired

    George H.W. Bush

    Timothy Naftali profiled the presidency of George H.W. Bush in the monthly Bradley Lecture at the American Enterprise Institute, titled “The Reluctant Realism of George H. W. Bush.” Mr.…

  • Moynihan in the White House
    Last Aired

    Moynihan in the White House

    Prior to his career in the United States Senate, Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927-2003) worked in four presidential administrations. He served in the Nixon administration from 1969-71 as an adviser…

  • Congressional Republican Agenda
    Last Aired

    Congressional Republican Agenda

    Senate Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander spoke about the Republican agenda in the upcoming 112th Congress. He was followed by a panel including Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol…

  • House Republican Agenda
    Last Aired

    House Republican Agenda

    House Minority Leader John Boehner presented his vision for Congress heading into the 2010 midterm elections. His agenda included a “cut as you go” provision for federal programs ,and…

  • emMellon An American Lifeem
    Last Aired

    Mellon: An American Life

    David Cannadine talked about his biography, Mellon: An American Life, published by Knopf. Financial pioneer Andrew Mellon became a financier and industrialist in the 1930s. He served as Secretary of the…

  • emThe Battleem
    Last Aired

    The Battle

    The president of AEI examines what he sees as the current culture war: the clash between those who believe in small government and individual rights (like Tea Partiers) and those who want a more…

  • emUnderstanding Americaem
    Last Aired

    Understanding America

    Peter Schuck and James Wilson talked about the book they edited, Understanding America: The Anatomy of an Exceptional Nation, published by PublicAffairs. The boook is a collection of essays…

  • Job Creation and the New Deal
    Last Aired

    Job Creation and the New Deal

    Ms. Shlaes talked about job creation programs under the New Deal and about the powers of the federal government. She used a case involving chicken sales in Brooklyn to elaborate on her…

  • Edmund Burkes emReflections on the Revolution in Franceem
    Last Aired

    Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France

    Gertrude Himmelfarb spoke about her book, Reflections on Edmund Burke’s “Reflections on the Revolution in France.” In the book she talks about influence of the Irish political philosopher…

  • President Bush on Domestic Policy Record
    Last Aired

    President Bush on Domestic Policy Record

    President George W. Bush spoke about domestic policy during his administration with Christopher DeMuth. In the conversation he reflected on a number of topics including immigration reform, energy…

  • emNo One Sees Godem
    Last Aired

    No One Sees God

    Michae Novak talked about his book No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers (Doubleday; August 5, 2008). He contends that atheists and the religious have the same…

  • emState of Fearem
    Last Aired

    State of Fear

    Michael Crichton spoke about science policy development. His book State of Fear, published by HarperColllins, was a fictional account of the politics behind global warming studies. Mr.…

  • USJapan Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Japan Relations

    Ambassador Fujisaki spoke about relations between the U.S. and Japan. Among the topics he addressed were the global economy, military cooperation, negotiations with North Korea and other…

  • National Security Legal Issues
    Last Aired

    National Security Legal Issues

    Attorney General Michael Mukasey talked about national security and efforts to combat terrorism. In his remarks he focused on detainee treatment and access to the U.S. legal system for…

  • Global Food Shortage Part 1
    Last Aired

    Global Food Shortage, Part 1

    After introductory remarks by Christopher DeMuth, Senator Richard Lugar delivered the keynote address of a forum titled “Was Malthus Right? Was Today’s Global Food Crisis Inevitable?”…

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