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  • emSex Lies and Politicsem
    Last Aired

    Sex, Lies, and Politics

    Mr. Scheer interviewed Larry Flynt, the founder of Hustler magazine and author of Sex, Lies and Politics: The Naked Truth. Mr. Flynt talked about defending freedom of speech and criticized the…

  • Open Phones with Robert Scheer
    Last Aired

    Open Phones with Robert Scheer

    Robert Scheer, author of They Know Everything About You: How Data-Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies Are Destroying Democracy, talked about his book and responded to…

  • Challenges Facing Whistleblowers
    Last Aired

    Whistleblower Tour

    National security whistle-blowers explained the challenges they faced when trying to expose wrongdoing or violations of the law and discussed the critical balance between civil liberties and national security. Speakers included Daniel…

  • emSpying on Democracyem
    Last Aired

    Spying on Democracy

    Heidi Boghosian talked about her book, Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power and Public Resistance, in which she discusses the increasing surveillance of American…

  • Panel on the Port Huron Statement
    Last Aired

    Panel on the Port Huron Statement

    Panelists talked about student unrest in the 1960s. Tom Hayden was the original drafter of "The Port Huron Statement", the founding document of the Students for a Democratic Society in 1962. The…

  • Panel on Writing About Disasters
    Last Aired

    Panel on Writing About Disasters

    Authors talked about their books about reporting on disasters. They responded to questions from members of the audience. Barry Siegel moderated “Nonfiction: Narrating Disaster” was a panel,…

  • emThe Great American Stickupem
    Last Aired

    The Great American Stickup

    Robert Scheer talks about the people and policies that led to the 2008 economic collapse. Mr. Scheer argues that the successful deregulation of Wall Street over the past three decades - by…

  • Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties
    Last Aired

    Foreign Policy and Civil Liberties

    Robert Scheer spoke on foreign policy and civil liberties in his speech titled “Ike Was Right and We Are Becoming What We Despise.” He also responded to questions from the audience. Robert…

  • Future of Iraq Panel
    Last Aired

    Future of Iraq Panel

    Investigative reporters talked about the topic, “Iraq: What’s Next?” and about their books on that topic. Their discussion was moderated by Nancy Snow. After their presentations the…

  • The US and Iraq
    Last Aired

    The U.S. and Iraq

    Moderated by Marjorie Miller, panel members discussed the topic, “Iraq: Where Do We Go from Here?” Topics included the insurgency, the U.S. military occupation, the Iraqi government, the…

  • emPlaying Presidentem
    Last Aired

    Playing President

    Robert Scheer was interviewed about his book Playing President: My Relationships with Nixon, Carter, Bush I, Reagan, and Clinton--and How They Did Not Prepare Me for George W. Bush,…

  • emBorn on the Fourth of Julyem
    Last Aired

    Born on the Fourth of July

    Ron Kovic celebrated the paperback release of his book Born on the Fourth of July, with Robert Scheer and Johnny Temple. Mr. Kovic discussed how he was affected by the Vietnam War including…

  • Vietnam Reconsidered
    Last Aired

    Vietnam Reconsidered

    The forum participants discussed their research into and experiences with the Vietnam War. They also entertained questions from the audience. Ms. FitzGerald’s latest book is Way Out There in the…

  • Human Rights Since 911
    Last Aired

    Human Rights Since 9/11

    On a panel titled "Interrogation or Torture: Human Rights After 9/11", five authors talked about legal and practical definitions of torture, historical precedents for torture and other…

  • emSex Lies and Politics  The Naked Truthem
    Last Aired

    Sex, Lies and Politics: The Naked Truth

    Larry Flynt talked about his book Sex Lies and Politics: The Naked Truth, published by Kensington Books. Mr. Flynt voiced his concerns over what he saw as an escalation in censorship by the…

  • US and Iraq One Year Later
    Last Aired

    U.S. and Iraq One Year Later

    A panel titled “U.S. and Iraq One Year Later: Right to Get In? Wrong to Get Out?” was held in Royce Hall on the UCLA campus. The panelists each in turn stated differing views about the war in…

  • The Media at War in Iraq
    Last Aired

    The Media at War in Iraq

    Journalists and others talked about media coverage of the war in Iraq, Bush administration statements about the war and its aftermath, and the role of the media in shaping public opinion…

  • American Power and the War in Iraq Panel
    Last Aired

    American Power and the War in Iraq Panel

    Mr. Wassesrman was interviewed before the panel began about the history of the festival and the members of the panel. Mr. Wasserman moderated the discussion panel on American Power and the…

  • American Power and the Crisis Over Iraq
    Last Aired

    American Power and the Crisis Over Iraq

    Mr. Wasserman moderated a debate on the use of American power and policy toward Iraq. Among the topics they addressed were the wisdom of potential military action in Iraq, the role of the…

  • The Abuse of Power  Then and Now
    Last Aired

    The Abuse of Power: Then and Now

    Arianna Huffington talked about her book, How to Overthrow the Government. John W. Dean talked about his book, The Rehnquist Choice. Oliver Stone commented on the book, Oliver Stone’s USA:…

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