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  • emGideons Trumpetem
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    Gideon's Trumpet

    CBS Reports looked at the landmark Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright, which guaranteed to right to counsel for criminal defendants. The documentary included interviews with Clarence…

  • The LBJ Tapes USS Pueblo Incident
    Last Aired

    The LBJ Tapes: USS Pueblo Incident

    Audio Stream Only

    The 50th anniversary of North Korea’s seizing the Navy Ship USS Pueblo, with President Lyndon Johnson’s calls and address to the nation from January 1968.  Participants include Defense…

  • The LBJ Tapes Kosygin Meeting
    Last Aired

    The LBJ Tapes: Kosygin Meeting

    Audio Stream Only

    President Lyndon Johnson talked with former president Dwight Eisenhower about his meeting in New Jersey with Soviet Premier Kosygin and turmoil in the Middle East, including United Nations…

  • Religion the First Amendment  the Future
    Last Aired

    Religion, the First Amendment & the Future

    Goldberg first argues that the separation of church and state, inherent within the First Amendment, must be complete and unyielding. In relation to this, he discusses the issues of school prayer and…

  • Constitutional Interpretation
    Last Aired

    Constitutional Interpretation

    Justice Arthur Goldberg talked about a recent complaint that the Supreme Court has strayed from the original intent of the founding fathers. He answered audience questions.