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  • Consumer Financial Health and the Housing Market
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    Consumer Financial Health and the Housing Market

    Housing market experts talked about the financial health of U.S. consumers and its impact on the housing market. Topics included the root causes of difficulty in obtaining mortgages for low-income families. They…

  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Advisory Board Meeting
    Last Aired

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Advisory Board Meeting

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) advisory board members talked about a range of consumer finance market issues. CFPB Director Richard Cordray made opening remarks.

  • Future of Homeownership
    Last Aired

    Future of Homeownership

    Housing industry and policy experts talked about the future of homeownership. They focused on the benefits and costs of homeownership and the role of lenders, investors and government…

  • Role of Government in Housing Finance
    Last Aired

    Role of Government in Housing Finance

    The Departments of the Treasury and Housing and Urban Development co-sponsored a conference on the future of housing finance in anticipation of a comprehensive proposal for new regulations to…

  • emHigh Wireem
    Last Aired

    High Wire

    Peter Gosselin, national economics correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, spoke about his book High Wire (Basic Books). In his book, Mr. Gosselin contends that twenty-five years of free…

  • Home Mortgage Finance Industry Panel 1
    Last Aired

    Home Mortgage Finance Industry, Panel 1

    Sarah Rosen Wartell made welcoming remarks and spoke about housing finance and the future of federal regulation of mortgage policies in light of recent turmoil in credit markets. Susan Wachter gave an…

  • New Plastic Payment Products
    Last Aired

    New Plastic Payment Products

    Participants talked about the use of debit and gift cards by retailers, restrictions placed on redeeming the cards, and consumer spending habits. Following their remarks they answered…

  • Predatory Lending Practices
    Last Aired

    Predatory Lending Practices

    Government officials, consumer advocates, and banking officials testified about proposed regulatory and legislative changes to the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act enacted in 1994…

  • Financial Report for Second Quarter of 1999
    Last Aired

    Financial Report for Second Quarter of 1999

    Ms. Seidman and Mr. Ryder talked about the report issued on the financial health of savings and loan institutions during the second quarter of 1999. They stated that although the quarter broke some…

  • Year 2000 Computer Problems Banking
    Last Aired

    Year 2000 Computer Problems: Banking

    Regulatory officials and banking leaders testified about the banking industry’s ability to cope with the year 2000 computer problem. The first panel of regulators discussed how they…

  • Financial Services Mergers Part 1
    Last Aired

    Financial Services Mergers Part 1

    Committee members heard testimony about planned financial services mergers between Citicorp and Travelers Group, as well as Nations Bank and Bank America. A panel of federal financial…

  • Thrift Industry Future
    Last Aired

    Thrift Industry Future

    Ms. Seidman spoke about the future of the savings and loan industry in the U.S. She spoke about financial services modernization, chartering new thrifts, the role of thrifts in their…

  • White House Daily Briefing
    Last Aired

    White House Daily Briefing

    Several administration officials briefed reporters on the state of private pension funds in the U.S. Then, Mr. McCurry took questions on other issues, including the Middle East peace…