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  • Discussion on The Past Century in Congress
    Last Aired

    Evolution and Future of Congress

    Scholars talked about a report, The Evolving Congress, the Congressional Research Service made as part of its centennial celebration. The panelists analyzed the evolution of Congress over the past…

  • Congressional Influence on US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Congressional Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy

    Public policy experts discussed the role of Congress in developing foreign strategy. Former Senator John Sununu talked about the “central tension” between Congress and the White House on…

  • Senate Procedures
    Last Aired

    Senate Procedures

    Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, Senate Historian Richard Baker, and the Wall Journal's Capitol Hill reporter Janet Hook talked about the history of Senate procedures. Topics…

  • Congress the United Nations and War Power
    Last Aired

    Congress, the United Nations, and War Power

    Porter Goss delivered the keynote address at a discussion of the War Powers Act. Each of the panelists then spoke before a discussion about the constitutionality of military action without an…

  • Role of Minority Party in Congress
    Last Aired

    Role of Minority Party in Congress

    Former Congressmen Vic Fazio and Bob Walker talked about options for the Democrats to move their agenda forward after losing the House in midterm elections, and tactics the minority party…

  • Congress the Executive Branch and the Cyber Threat
    Last Aired

    Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Cyber Threat

    Panelists spoke about cyber threats to national security and the ongoing search for effective mechanisms to respond to them both inside and outside government. Among the topics they…

  • History of Martin Luther King Jr Holiday
    Last Aired

    History of Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday

    Congressman Conyers led a discussion of the legislative history of efforts to establish a federal holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the continuing significance of the Reverend Dr.…

  • Washington and Lee University Symposium
    Last Aired

    Washington and Lee University Symposium

    The panel talked about the balance of powers between the Obama Administration and Congress. The balance was described as a pendulum that would empower Congress at the determent of the…

  • Social Security and Medicare Reform
    Last Aired

    Social Security and Medicare Reform

    A discussion was held on the politics of reforming entitlements for senior citizens, Social Security and Medicare. Topics included a Senate Budget Committee bill introduced on the…

  • Congressional Ethics Enforcement
    Last Aired

    Congressional Ethics Enforcement

    Panelists talked about efforts of the 110th Congress to reform ethics and enforce new regulations on lobbying, the appropriations process, and gifts to members. Topics included proposed…

  • Midterm Election Preview
    Last Aired

    Midterm Election Preview

    The panelists discussed the topic, “Congress in the Balance: Politics, Policies, and the Midterm Elections.” Topics included electoral demographics for the 2006 midterm elections, policy issues,…

  • Gingrich Speakership
    Last Aired

    Gingrich Speakership

    Former Representative Gingrich talked about his experiences as speaker of the House of Representatives and the role of the speaker. Following his remarks he and former colleagues talked…

  • The Drive to Televise House Floor Debates
    Last Aired

    The Drive to Televise House Floor Debates

    On the twentieth anniversary of C-SPAN, participants discussed the years-long struggle to televise proceedings on the floor of the House, the formation and early years of C-SPAN, and the…

  • Intelligence Issues
    Last Aired

    Intelligence Issues

    Panelists talked about intelligence gathering, Congressional oversight of the intelligence community, efforts to combat terrorism, and the challenges of obtaining and maintaining secret…

  • Continuity of Government
    Last Aired

    Continuity of Government

    Commission members talked about proposals to ensure the continuity of government following a catastrophic event which left the government inoperable. Among the issues they addressed were…

  • Budgeting During Wartime
    Last Aired

    Budgeting During Wartime

    Participants talked about budget priorities during wartime. Mr. Wolfensberger moderated the discussion which focused on the relationship between the executive and legislative branches,…

  • Senate Party Leadership Yesterday and Today
    Last Aired

    Senate Party Leadership Yesterday and Today

    The panelists talked about the history of the U.S. Senate leadership, including the consequences of changes in party control. They told stories about many of the leaders and compared their…

  • Congressional and Presidential Budget Priorities
    Last Aired

    Congressional and Presidential Budget Priorities

    Following President Clinton’s recent submission of his 2001 budget proposal, economic experts discussed budget proposals from both Congress and the president. They talked about the power…

  • Tax Reform and the Politics of Personality
    Last Aired

    Tax Reform and the Politics of Personality

    Participants talked about how strong personalities affect policy by examining several efforts to reform tax policy. After their presentations they answered questions from the audience.

  • Washington Journal Feature
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal Feature

    Mr. Wolfensberger discussed the House Rules committee and responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

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