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  • Discussion on Internet Policy Impact on Startup Companies
    Last Aired

    Internet Policy and Startups

    Panelists talked about the impact of Internet policies on startup companies. “Your Next Big Startup Idea: Why Internet Policy Matters” was a panel at an Internet policy conference hosted by Harvard…

  • Government and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Government and the Internet

    Panelists talked about government policies and their effects on the Internet. Panelists included representatives from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and eBay, as well as federal and local government…

  • Journalism and Social Media
    Last Aired

    Journalism and Social Media

    Chris Hughes discussed digital journalism and trends in social media. The co-founder of Facebook, he recently purchased The New Republic. He talked about his vision for the company and how to better…

  • Secretary Geithner Remarks on the Economy
    Last Aired

    Secretary Geithner Remarks on the Economy

    Secretary Geithner spoke about the state of the U.S. economy and Obama administration efforts to address the national debt. In his remarks he called for bipartisan cooperation of the debt.…

  • Investigative Reporting
    Last Aired

    Investigative Reporting

    Journalists spoke about the state of the news and information business, as well as the future of journalism. The event began with a tribute to David Halberstam, and then turned to the…

  • emLosing the Newsem
    Last Aired

    Losing the News

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex Jones talked about his book Losing the News: The Future of the News That Feeds Democracy (Oxford University Press, USA; August 19, 2009). In his book he explores the demise…

  • emThe Trustem
    Last Aired

    The Trust

    Susan Tift and Alex Jones talked about the families that created and run the New York Times. They described the creation and history of the New York Times newspaper, including its rise to…

  • Role of a Public Editor
    Last Aired

    Role of a Public Editor

    Daniel Okrent was appointed the first public editor, or ombudsman, of The New York Times for an 18-month term beginning December 1, 2003. He discussed the role of a public editor and the…

  • News Anchors Perspective on Presidential Elections
    Last Aired

    News Anchors' Perspective on Presidential Elections

    News anchors talked about news coverage of campaign coverage, presidential politics, and the influence of the media on the political process. Among the topics they addressed were editorial…

  • emReporting Civil Rights  America Journalism 19411973em
    Last Aired

    Reporting Civil Rights: America Journalism 1941-1973

    A panel featuring writers and journalists who contributed eyewitness accounts discussed the two-volume anthology Reporting Civil Rights: America Journalism 1941-1973, published by Library…

  • Journalism in the United States
    Last Aired

    Journalism in the United States

    Mr. Burns talked about three different biases evident in the media, only one of which he argued is avoidable. The first bias is a liberal political one, which he argued could be avoided by…

  • National Book Critics Circle Awards
    Last Aired

    National Book Critics Circle Awards

    Finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Award read excerpts from their submissions. Awards were then presented for five categories: general nonfiction, criticism, poetry,…

  • Media Breakfast
    Last Aired

    Media Breakfast

    Mr. Giles moderated a panel discussion concerning the Operation Tailwind report. The panelists talked about the report and how it reflects on journalism. Following their discussion,…

  • Who Believes Journalists Any More
    Last Aired

    Who Believes Journalists Any More?

    The panelists discussed the topic, “Who Believes Journalists Any More?,” and what it means for the future of journalism. The panelists examined the public ambivalence and skepticism toward…