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  • Technology and National Security
    Last Aired

    Technology and National Security

    The Aspen Strategy Group hosted a series of discussions about technology and national security. Former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and former Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia…

  • Communication and Challenges to Democracy
    Last Aired

    Communication and Challenges to Democracy

    Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice moderated a discussion on the evolution of communication and its effect on democracy. She was joined by British historian Niall Ferguson and…

  • Discussion focuses on Russian Hacking
    Last Aired

    Russian Cyber Operations

    New York Times national security correspondent David Sanger; Fiona Hill, formerly with the National Intelligence Council; and author Ben Buchanan discussed Russian cyber intelligence operations and hacking.…

  • Joseph Nye on emIs the American Century Overem
    Last Aired

    Is the American Century Over?

    Joseph Nye talked about his book Is the American Century Over?, in which he argues that while many predict China will replace the United States as the supreme global power, America’s…

  • 20th Century Presidential Leadership
    Last Aired

    20th Century Presidential Leadership

    Harvard Kennedy School Professor Joseph Nye talks about the foreign policies of 20th century American presidents and assesses the effectiveness and ethics of their choices. Professor Nye…

  • emPower and Constraintem
    Last Aired

    Power and Constraint

    Jack Goldsmith argues that while it is commonly held that the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, resulted in the executive branch obtaining unprecedented and unaccountable power, the…

  • emThe Future of Powerem
    Last Aired

    The Future of Power

    Joseph Nye talked about the changing nature of power in global affairs. He argued that in the future, military and economic power would have competition in the digital age. On February 15,…

  • US China Relationship
    Last Aired

    U.S.- China Relationship

    Participants talked about the relationship between the U.S. and China. Among the topics they addresses were trade relations, China’s role as a global power, regional security, and…

  • National Security Strategy
    Last Aired

    National Security Strategy

    Following opening remarks at a conference on national security, panelists talked about major foreign policy and national security challenges facing the nation. Among the topics they…

  • Longterm National Security Strategy
    Last Aired

    Long-term National Security Strategy

    Former Secretaries Armitage and Nye co-chaired the Center for Strategic and International Studies Commission on Smart Power. They testified about the commission’s report, including long-term U.S.…

  • America in the World Hard vs Soft Power
    Last Aired

    America in the World: Hard vs. Soft Power

    Mr. Kristol and Mr. Nye discussed “America in the World: Hard vs. Soft Power,” in a public lecture in the Cole Assembly Room at Converse Hall at Amherst College. Hard power is the idea that a country’s power comes from strong…

  • September 11 Report
    Last Aired

    September 11 Report

    Dean Nye discussed political issues.

  • emSoft Power Success in World Politicsem
    Last Aired

    Soft Power: Success in World Politics

    Dean Nye talked about his book Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics, published by PublicAffairs. The book is about attracting others to a policy rather than using bribes or threats…

  • 2002 Lionel Gelber Prize Panel
    Last Aired

    2002 Lionel Gelber Prize Panel

    Mr. Meade, the recipient of the 2002 Lionel Gelber prize, and other finalists talked about foreign policy in the current global system’s hegemonies, emerging markets, and the limits of American foreign…

  • Pakistan in the 21st Century
    Last Aired

    Pakistan in the 21st Century

    President Musharraf talked about Pakistan’s political and economic reforms, relations with India, and international efforts to combat terrorism. Following his remarks he answered questions…

  • Future of Public Service
    Last Aired

    Future of Public Service

    Mr. Hart talked about a recent survey of young Americans' attitudes toward government and public service. His remarks were followed by panelist remarks on the survey and changes in…

  • Peace Global Security and Human Rights
    Last Aired

    Peace, Global Security and Human Rights

    Former President Arias delivered the keynote address for the institute. After their prepared remarks, other speakers answered questions from the audience.

  • Understanding Globalization
    Last Aired

    Understanding Globalization

    Participants talked about different ways to define globalization and the impacts of globalization on the world. Among the topics they addressed were role of information technology, societal…

  • Jordanian Issues
    Last Aired

    Jordanian Issues

    King Abdullah talked about the challenges that face Jordan, and the attainment of lasting peace in the region. He focused on the peace treaties between many nations in the Middle East and…

  • Women World Leaders Summit
    Last Aired

    Women World Leaders Summit

    Panelists discussed the challenges women face when elected to political office. Problems they discussed include the willingness of the public to view women as leaders, and cultural…

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