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  • Oliver Norths Perspective
    Last Aired

    Oliver North's Perspective

    Lieutenant Colonel North spoke to members of the National Press Club about the Iran-Contra affair, focusing on his tenure as a security council aide during the Reagan administration and his…

  • President of the Russian Republic
    Last Aired

    President of the Russian Republic

    On a four day visit to Washington and New York, Boris Yeltsin, recently-elected leader of the Russian Republic, visited with President Bush in the White House and with members of Congress…

  • Freedom of Information Act
    Last Aired

    Freedom of Information Act

    Vice President Quayle discusses the Freedom of Information Act, which requires federal agencies to provide information about their operations to the public. The vice president was associate…

  • National Assessment of Educational Progress
    Last Aired

    National Assessment of Educational Progress

    Seceretary Riley announced the national assessment of educational progress, informally known an the nation’s educational report card. The survey is conducted by the Educational Testing…

  • Student Loan Default Rates
    Last Aired

    Student Loan Default Rates

    Secretary Riley and Assistant Secretary Longanecker briefed reporters in the Department of Education on a new report on student loan default rates across the nation. They announced that the…

  • Presidential Economic Proposals
    Last Aired

    Presidential Economic Proposals

    Secy. Bentsen spoke about the economic policies of the Clinton Administration.

  • Womens Issues
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues

    Ms. Ireland addressed members of the National Press Club about the possibility of a feminist third party, Ross Perot’s presidential campaign, abortion rights, and women’s health care…

  • Soviet Role in Global Politics
    Last Aired

    Soviet Role in Global Politics

    Sen. Bill Bradley, member of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, spoke before a luncheon of the National Press Club on the future of the republics of the former Soviet Union. Sen.…

  • American Political System
    Last Aired

    American Political System

    Mr. Perot spoke to the National Press Club audience about his thoughts on the American political system. In response to questions, he indicated that if individuals working independently…

  • US Art and Public Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Art and Public Policy

    Dr. Brown discussed the National Gallery of Art and other museums. He described the extreme downturn in the number of gifts of paintings and other art works to museums following changes in…

  • Free Speech on Campus
    Last Aired

    Free Speech on Campus

    Mr. Schmidt, president of Yale University, spoke on issues of concern on college campuses at the National Press Club. A former clerk to Chief Justice Warren, Mr. Schmidt briefly mentioned the current…

  • Events in the Soviet Union
    Last Aired

    Events in the Soviet Union

    Ambassador Strauss was confirmed as U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union in August of this year. He was chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1973 to 1976. He was named special…

  • New Tonight Show Host
    Last Aired

    New Tonight Show Host

    Comedian Jay Leno, named by NBC television to replace Johnny Carson as host of the Tonight Show in the summer of 1992, addressed an audience at the National Press Club on various matters in…

  • Democratic Challenge in 1992 Elections
    Last Aired

    Democratic Challenge in 1992 Elections

    Senator-Elect Wofford addressed a National Press Club luncheon to discuss the factors that allowed him to win a Pennsylvania Senate seat in a hotly contested race against former Attorney General Dick…

  • South African Politics
    Last Aired

    South African Politics

    Nelson Mandela, leader of the African National Congress, a South African political party, held a press conference in the National Press Club to discuss his visit to the U.S. and the…

  • Arnett Fourth Estate Award
    Last Aired

    Arnett Fourth Estate Award

    Each year the National Press Club honors an outstanding journalist at the annual Fourth Estate Award Dinner. This year’s recipient is CNN correspondent Peter Arnett, who reported from…

  • Czechoslovakian Transition to Democracy
    Last Aired

    Czechoslovakian Transition to Democracy

    President Havel discussed the move towards democracy and an open market taking place in Czechoslovakia. He talked about the need for investment and the many opportunities for Western business in…

  • Recession and the Art of Befuddlement
    Last Aired

    Recession and the Art of Befuddlement

    Professor Galbraith was an economics professor at Harvard University from 1934 to 1975, at times leaving academics to work in the federal government. He was an adviser to President John F. Kennedy, and…

  • The Future of Costa Rica
    Last Aired

    The Future of Costa Rica

    President Calderon talked about economic relations between the United States and Central America. He discussed the revolution of democracy in Latin America. He talked about the problem of…

  • Events in the Soviet Union
    Last Aired

    Events in the Soviet Union

    The guest speakers discussed the latest events in the Soviet Union and the impact these events will have on the country as it seeks to improve its economic situation.

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