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  • Washington Journal Aparna Mathur  Mark Weisbrot Discuss State of the US Economy
    Last Aired

    Aparna Mathur and Mark Weisbrot on State of the U.S. Economy

    American Enterprise Institute’s Aparna Mathur and Center for Economic and Policy Research’s Mark Weisbrot discussed economic growth and job creation so far in the Trump presidency.

  • A Conversation with Honduras President Zelaya
    Last Aired

    A Conversation with Honduras President Zelaya

    Deposed Honduran President Zelaya spoke about the political situation in Honduras and U.S.-backed efforts to negotiate a solution to the turmoil caused by a coup that had ousted him from…

  • Hugo Chavez and Latin America
    Last Aired

    Hugo Chavez and Latin America

    The guest talked about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s influence in Latin America. Topics included his influence in the recent release of Colombian hostages, and his current trip to…

  • Venezuelan Economy
    Last Aired

    Venezuelan Economy

    Mr. Weisbrot talked about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s economy. He discussed President Chavez’s plans to nationalize utilities, including the biggest telephone company…

  • Latin American Politics
    Last Aired

    Latin American Politics

    The guest talked about recent events in Bolivia and its role in the political change in Latin America. He said that while state ownership of the country’s natural gas supplies has been the story this…

  • Citizens Debate Commission Formation
    Last Aired

    Citizens Debate Commission Formation

    The program ends abruptly and is missing approximately three minutes at the end. A new sponsor for presidential debates was announced. The participants spoke with reporters about the new…

  • Tax Policy
    Last Aired

    Tax Policy

    The guests talked about talked about tax cuts, and how tax cuts might affect the economy. They also responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail.

  • Globalization and World Poverty
    Last Aired

    Globalization and World Poverty

    Economists debated whether global economic integration has been disruptive to developing countries. They also talked about the effects of the September 11 terrorist attacks. After their…

  • IMF World Bank Protest Rally
    Last Aired

    IMF/ World Bank Protest Rally

    After a rally was canceled due to inclement weather, participants spoke to reporters about their opposition to the World Band and International Monetary Fund. Among the topics they discussed were…

  • Business the Economy and the Public
    Last Aired

    Business, the Economy, and the Public

    Panelists discussed business information and the public’s right to know. They talked about the resignation of Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and how it would affect the U.S. economy and…

  • Social Security Reform
    Last Aired

    Social Security Reform

    Mr. Greenstein and Mr. Weisbrot discussed the debate over investing in the stock market with some Social Security funds. They responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic…

  • Washington Journal Feature
    Last Aired

    Washington Journal Feature

    Mr. Greenstein and Mr. Weisbrot talked about President Clinton’s plan for investing Social Security. They both explained the problems with investing Social Security in the stock market.…