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  • Discussion Focuses on President Trumps Revised Travel Ban
    Last Aired

    Trump Administration Travel Ban

    The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies hosted a discussion on the Trump administration’s most recent executive order on U.S. immigration and refugee policy,…

  • 1988 Presidential Candidates Debate
    Last Aired

    Presidential Candidates Debate

    Vice President George H.W. Bush and Governor Michael Dukakis (D-MA) met at the University of California, Los Angeles, for the second of two debates prior to the 1988 presidential election.…

  • NATO Alliances and European Security
    Last Aired

    NATO Alliances and European Security

    Panelists talked about NATO expansion and alliances, and European security following the end of the Cold War. The panel was made up of former Russian, German, and Polish officials, and topics also included…

  • USRussia Interests in Syria and Iran
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Russia Interests in Syria and Iran

    Middle East experts talked about U.S. interests in Syria and Iran, and how they converge with those of Russia and Israel. Carter administration National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski said that the conflict in…

  • Senator John McCain on Syria
    Last Aired

    Senator John McCain on Syria

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) talked about Syria and the U.S. agreement with Russia over Syria’s chemical weapons. He was interviewed by Margaret Warner of PBS NewsHour and responded to…

  • John Brennan on US Policy Toward Yemen
    Last Aired

    John Brennan on U.S. Policy Toward Yemen

    John O. Brennan discussed U.S. policy toward Yemen, the status of Yemen’s political transition and economic recovery program, as well as the humanitarian and security. The Obama…

  • US Economy and Global Markets
    Last Aired

    U.S. Economy and Global Markets

    U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk talked about the U.S. economy, trade, and job growth. He spoke at a roundtable discussion that included former Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan and…

  • Democracy in the Muslim World
    Last Aired

    Democracy in the Muslim World

    Current and former Middle East political officials talked about political unrest in the Arab world. Among the topics they addressed were the strength of democracy movements in various…

  • Political Unrest and Military Operations in Libya
    Last Aired

    Political Unrest and Military Operations in Libya

    Senator John McCain and others talked about the political unrest in Libya and military action against forces of Libyan Leader Moammar Qadhafi. Among the topics they addressed were the level…

  • emWashingtonem Publication Party
    Last Aired

    Washington: Publication Party

    A party was held to celebrate the posthumous publication of Meg Greenfield’s book Washington, published by PublicAffairs. Meg Greenfield was a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial writer for The Washington…

  • World Events and Economic Investment
    Last Aired

    World Events and Economic Investment

    Margaret Warner moderated a panel on the impact of foreign policy on economic investment and international commerce. Among the topics they addressed were global perspectives of American…

  • Journalism Ethics
    Last Aired

    Journalism Ethics

    Panelists talked about ethics in journalism. The journalists told stories of instances when they had kept secrets or chosen not to run certain stories. It was generally agreed that information…

  • The Future of NATO
    Last Aired

    The Future of NATO

    Lord Robertson spoke about diplomacy and NATO decision-making. Among the topics he addressed were recent discussions among member nations over military aid to Turkey in anticipation of…

  • News Review
    Last Aired

    News Review

    Washington Journal was aired live from the set of PBS' News Hour with Jim Lehrer. Telephone lines were opened for audience comments.

  • US in the Next Century
    Last Aired

    U.S. in the Next Century

  • Presidential Politics and the Media
    Last Aired

    Presidential Politics and the Media

    The panelists participated in a forum titled “Election '96 - The Picking of the President: Politics and the Media.” They criticized the lack of substance in the campaign and in the debates…

  • Congressional and Presidential Roles
    Last Aired

    Congressional and Presidential Roles

    Panelists discussed the role of the executive and legislative branches in determing both domestic and foreign policy. They examined how political parties have influenced the functioning of…

  • 1996 Elections
    Last Aired

    1996 Elections

    Panelists discussed the context of and possibilities for the 1996 elections. They examined how factors such as incumbency and public cynicism and economic anxiety could affect the results.…

  • Conflict in Former Yugoslavia
    Last Aired

    Conflict in Former Yugoslavia

    Panelists discussed the current situation in Bosnia and how the United Nations in dealing with it through the use of U.N. troops and safe areas. They also talked about what lessons this…

  • Americas Role in the World
    Last Aired

    America's Role in the World

    Former members of Congress and foreign policy scholars discussed the balance between U.S. foreign policy demands and domestic policy needs in a forum held in the U.S. Capitol. Issues…

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