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  • Newseum Forum on the First Amendment and Freedom
    Last Aired

    First Amendment and Freedom

    The Newseum celebrated its final program examining the First Amendment. Among the speakers were "Fox News Sunday"'s Chris Wallace, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), and legal scholar…

  • US Marines and the Vietnam Wars Tet Offensive
    Last Aired

    U.S. Marines and the Vietnam War's Tet Offensive

    The Vietnam War’s Tet Offensive started 50 years ago on January 30, 1968, with Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces attacking more than 100 cities, towns and outposts across a broad swath…

  • Discussion on Vietnam War Reporting
    Last Aired

    Vietnam War Reporting

    Journalists Bob Schieffer, Peter Arnett, and David Hume Kennerly talked about reporting from the battlefields during the Vietnam War and the role of the press during that time. They spoke at the…

  • Breaking the Watergate Story
    Last Aired

    Breaking the Watergate Story

    Ms. Graham talked about her perspective on Watergate during a symposium marking the 25th anniversary of the Watergate burglary which lead to the resignation of President Nixon. She talked about…

  • Kennedy Assassination Anniversary
    Last Aired

    Kennedy Assassination Anniversary

    Journalists talked about their experiences in covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Following their remarks they answered questions from the audience.

  • Newseum Dedication Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Newseum Dedication Ceremony

    A dedication ceremony was held for the new Newseum facility in Washington, D.C. The ceremony in the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Theater included a performance by the U.S. Marine Band and…

  • Newseum
    Last Aired


    Participating by remote connection, Peter Prichard conducted a tour of the Newseum which opens April 11. He showed some of the displays. He responded to viewer telephone calls about the…

  • Journalists Memorial Dedication
    Last Aired

    Journalists Memorial Dedication

    The Newseum dedicated the Journalists Memorial inside its new museum that honors 1,843 journalists from around the world who died or were killed in the pursuit of news stories. Special…

  • Open Phones
    Last Aired

    Open Phones

    Telephone lines were opened for comments on the question, “What was the most significant news event of your lifetime?” The Washington Journal today will provide an exclusive look inside the…

  • National Press Foundation Awards Dinner
    Last Aired

    National Press Foundation Awards Dinner

    The awards given were the W.M. Kiplinger Award for Distinguished Contributions to Journalism to Thomas L. Friedman; the Sol Taishoff Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism to Gordon Peterson; the…

  • 1968 and the Johnson Presidency
    Last Aired

    1968 and the Johnson Presidency

    Panel members discussed the Johnson presidency, and its legacy. They focused on how negative journalism affected his presidency, and whether his decision not to run for a second term was a…

  • After Words with Scott Gant
    Last Aired

    After Words with Scott Gant

    Scott Gant talked about his book, We’re All Journalists Now: The Transformation of the Press and Reshaping of the Law in the Internet Age, published by Free Press. He disputed the traditional…

  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the National Mall
    Last Aired

    The Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the National Mall

    On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, a panel discussion was held on the impact the memorial has had on the capital and on the…

  • The Twentieth Century
    Last Aired

    The Twentieth Century

    The panelists discussed the events of the century and how America has evolved over the course of time. They discussed various issues of local and national concern, the economy, and changing…

  • 1968 and the Vietnam War
    Last Aired

    1968 and the Vietnam War

    Panelists reflected on 1968 and the Vietnam war. They discussed the idea that media reporting directly affected the public opinion toward the Vietnam War.

  • World Press Freedom Day
    Last Aired

    World Press Freedom Day

    Participants honored journalists who died while reporting the news as they marked World Press Freedom Day. Fifty-one journalists died during the year including seven in a one-week period in…

  • Military and the Media
    Last Aired

    Military and the Media

    Participants talked about the inherent and necessary tension between the military and the news media, particularly during times of armed conflict. Among the topics they addressed were…

  • The Internet and the First Amendment
    Last Aired

    The Internet and the First Amendment

    Participants talked about the growth and commercialization of the Internet and how freedom of speech affects the content of Internet communication. Among the topics addressed were the…

  • 30th Anniversary of 60 Minutes
    Last Aired

    30th Anniversary of "60 Minutes"

    A panel of its editors and correspondents discussed the history of “60 Minutes,” the CBS news magazine debuted in September 1968. Mr. Hewitt was a creator of the program. The panelists also…

  • emReporting Vietnamem Panel 2
    Last Aired

    Reporting Vietnam Panel 2

    Panelists discussed the book, Reporting Vietnam, published by Library of America. The book is about the role of journalism in the conduct of the Vietnam War.

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