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  • emUSA v Randy Johnsonem
    Last Aired

    USA v. Randy Johnson

    The Seventh Circuit Court reviewed a three-judge panel’s ruling that police can legally detain and search a person whose car is parked illegally. The dissenting judge in the 2-1 decision said the court was enabling…

  • William Domnarski Discusses emRichard Posnerem
    Last Aired

    Richard Posner

    William Domnarski talked about his book Richard Posner, in which he examines the intellectual life of Judge Richard Posner. Mr. Domnarski was joined in conversation by Judge Posner.

  • Discussion on Cyber Crime and the Fourth Amendment
    Last Aired

    Cybercrime and the Fourth Amendment

    Panelists talked about cyber information and the Fourth Amendment. Topics included questions such as the protections for e-mails. Judge Posner participated by video conference. “The Future of the Fourth Amendment”…

  • The Future of Authors Books and Libraries
    Last Aired

    The Future of Authors, Books and Libraries

    Scott Turow and Judge Richard Posner talked about the future of book publishing in the digital age and related topics. They also responded to questions from members of the audience at the Newberry Library in…

  • emBreaking the Deadlockem
    Last Aired

    Breaking the Deadlock

    Former Chief Judge Richard Posner was shown appearing on the radio program “Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg” to discuss his book Breaking the Deadlock: The 2000 Election, the…

  • Judicial Review of Immigration Judges
    Last Aired

    Judicial Review of Immigration Judges

    Judge Richard Allen Posner talked about the increasing number of immigration cases in the U.S. and judicial review of immigration judges at a special presentation of The Chicago Bar…

  • emThe Little Book of Plagiarismem
    Last Aired

    The Little Book of Plagiarism

    Judge Richard Posner talked about his book The Little Book of Plagiarism, published by Pantheon. He discussed contemporary notions of plagiarism, intellectual property, and fair use in literature, music,…

  • US Intelligence Agencies and FISA
    Last Aired

    U.S. Intelligence Agencies and FISA

    Judge Posner talked about the role of intelligence in counterterrorism, as well as possible changes to U.S. intelligence agencies and the foreign intelligence surveillance act (FISA). He…

  • Counterterrorism and the Role of Intelligence
    Last Aired

    Counterterrorism and the Role of Intelligence

    Judge Richard Posner spoke on the topic, “The Role of Intelligence in Counterterrorism.” In his remarks he talked about intelligence gathering and sharing methods, the role of the National…

  • Slave Reparations Case Oral Arguments
    Last Aired

    Slave Reparations Case Oral Arguments

    The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in Farmer-Paellmann v. Brown and Williamson, a case involving slavery reparations. The program began with a telephone interview…

  • Counterterrorism Tactics
    Last Aired

    Counterterrorism Tactics

    Witnesses testified about counterterrorism tactics and techniques, comparing British and U.S. intelligence and law enforcement methods of surveillance and prosecution of suspected…

  • National Security and Free Speech
    Last Aired

    National Security and Free Speech

    Richard Posner and Geoffrey Stone discussed their books with David Hiller and responded to audience members' questions. Richard Posner is the author of Uncertain Shield: The U.S.…

  • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
    Last Aired

    Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

    The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held an open hearing to gain a variety of perspectives from public witnesses on the issue of modernizing the Foreign Intelligence…

  • Legality and National Security
    Last Aired

    Legality and National Security

    Judge Posner talked about intelligence gathering methods, proposed intelligence reform, and the impact of the Patriot Act on the judiciary. He also talked about privacy concerns and civil…

  • State of Appellate Courts
    Last Aired

    State of Appellate Courts

    A panel discussion was held on the future of the appellate courts. The panelists discussed the scope and work of appellate courts, the volume of cases sent to appeals courts, resources…

  • Debate on Democratic Government
    Last Aired

    Debate on Democratic Government

    Richard Posner and Jamin Raskin debated the idea of what constitutes a good democratic government. Judge Posner is the author of Law, Pragmatism, and Democracy, published by Harvard University Press. He…

  • Liberty and Security
    Last Aired

    Liberty and Security

    Richard Posner and Geoffrey Stone discussed their books with David Hiller. They talked about how the nation responds to war, terrorism, and catastrophe. They discussed whether the nation…

  • emCatastrophe  Risk and Responseem
    Last Aired

    Catastrophe: Risk and Response

    Judge Posner talked about his book Catastrophe: Risk and Response, published by Oxford University Press. He used cost-benefit analysis to explain why people focus on some potentially…

  • emPublic Intellectualsem
    Last Aired

    Public Intellectuals

    Judge Posner talks about his book, Public Intellectuals: A Study of Decline, published by Harvard University Press. The book is a study of the modern American public intellectual, someone…

  • US Supreme Court Issues
    Last Aired

    U.S. Supreme Court Issues

    Associate Justice Stevens and Solicitor General Waxman addressed members of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals at the annual judicial conference in Chicago. The Seventh Circuit Court…

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