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  • Panelists Discuss Future of Syria
    Last Aired

    Future of Syria

    Former U.S. government officials talked about Syria’s civil war. They focused on the future of Syria and why the U.S. and other countries must stay engaged and address the security challenges from a…

  • Discussion on Middle East Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy Toward the Middle East

    Former U.S. Ambassadors James Jeffrey, who served in Iraq, and Robert Ford, who served in Syria, discussed the situation in the Middle East and the ongoing fight against the so-called Islamic State* militants in…

  • Washington Journal Escalating Violence in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Escalating Violence in Iraq

    Kimberly Kagan talked about the escalating violence in Iraq. Topics included the fall of the major city of Mosul to Sunni militant forces. At the conclusion of the program, C-SPAN Radio’s…

  • After Words with Victor Davis Hanson
    Last Aired

    After Words with Victor Davis Hanson

    Victor Davis Hanson talked about his book, The Savior Generals: How Five Commanders Saved Wars that Were Lost - From Ancient Greece to Iraq, in which he profiles five generals, including…

  • Stuart Bowen Describes Lessons Learned from Iraq
    Last Aired

    Iraq Reconstruction

    Stuart Bowen, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction (SIGIR), talked about lessons learned from the effort to rebuild Iraq and how to apply them to future U.S. endeavors.…

  • Afghanistan War Commanders
    Last Aired

    Afghanistan War Commanders

    U.S. Army Major General James L. Huggins, Jr., and then U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel J.B. Vowell, talked about their experiences as commanders in Afghanistan in 2012. Kimberly Kagan moderated. The…

  • Evaluation of the Surge in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Evaluation of the Surge in Iraq

    Following a showing of a new documentary called The Surge: The Untold Story, panelists talked about the 2007 surge in Iraq. Speakers included two U.S. commanders who were stationed in Iraq…

  • After Words with Kimberly Kagan
    Last Aired

    After Words with Kimberly Kagan

    Kimberly Kagan talked about her book The Surge: A Military History (Encounter Books; October 25, 2008). The book is a history of “the surge” in Iraq which began in mid-2007. In her book Ms.…

  • Afghan Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    Afghan Presidential Election

    Panelists talked about the prospects for Afghanistan’s future, assessing the outcome of the Afghan presidential election, and the implications for future American policy in Afghanistan.…

  • QA with Kim Kagan
    Last Aired

    Q&A with Kim Kagan

    Kimberly Kagan talked about her reports on the progress of the war in Iraq. Since March 2007, she’s published several reports for her Institute for the Study of War and the Weekly Standard on the…

  • Support the Troops Rally
    Last Aired

    Support the Troops Rally

    Gathering of Eagles held a “Support the Troops” rally on the National Mall. The speakers included military veterans and family members.

  • Security in Baghdad
    Last Aired

    Security in Baghdad

    The guest talked about her report on U.S. military operations in Baghdad for and the Institute for the Study of War. In this report, the second in a series, she assessed…

  • U S Military Power and Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    U. S. Military Power and Foreign Policy

    Ms. Kagan discussed her article in the Weekly Standard on whether or not the U.S. is an Imperialist power, and other issues about U.S. military power in the world and U.S. foreign policy.…