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  • Syrian Civil War
    Last Aired

    Syrian Civil War

    Experts on Syria testified on the country’s civil war and the Obama administration’s approach to the conflict. Among the issues addressed were the flow of refugees to other countries, efforts to…

  • Ambassador Richard Holbrooke Memorial Service
    Last Aired

    Ambassador Richard Holbrooke Memorial Service

    Dignitaries and family members participated in a memorial service for Ambassador Richard Holbrooke.

  • Reduction of US Troops in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Reduction of U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

    Leslie Gelb spoke from New York City about the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the impact on U.S. policy in the country and the region. He also responded to telephone calls and electronic…

  • US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Foreign Policy

    Leslie Gelb talked about U.S. foreign policy and his Foreign Affairs article outlining his belief that the U.S. should redefine its policy more toward economic security, and less toward military…

  • emTop Secret The Battle for the Pentagon Papersem
    Last Aired

    Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers

    Following a performance of the play Top Secret: The Battle for the Pentagon Papers, Victor Navasky moderated a discussion among principals of the case about the original publication of the Pentagon…

  • The Presidency in the Nuclear Age Panel 4
    Last Aired

    The Presidency in the Nuclear Age, Panel 4

    A panel discussion on how U.S. foreign policy and the presidency have been shaped by the development, use, and spread of nuclear weapons focused on efforts to halt the spread of nuclear weapons to terrorist…

  • emPower Rulesem
    Last Aired

    Power Rules

    Leslie Gelb, author of Power Rules: How Common Sense Can Rescue American Foreign Policy (Harper; March 17, 2009), talked about his book and President Obama’s foreign policies. He responded…

  • emThe Coldest Winterem
    Last Aired

    The Coldest Winter

    Panelists talked about the life and work of the late David Halberstam, focusing on his final book, The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War, published that day by Hyperion. This history of the…

  • The CIA and US Intelligence
    Last Aired

    The CIA and U.S. Intelligence

    Panelists talked about the state of U.S. intelligence and how intelligence-gathering will shape American foreign policy under the next president. They also discussed the history of the…

  • emThe Foreigners Gift  The Americans the Arabs and the Iraqis in Iraqem
    Last Aired

    The Foreigner's Gift : The Americans, the Arabs, and the Iraqis in Iraq

    Fouad Ajami talked about his book The Foreigner’s Gift: The Americans, the Arabs, and the Iraqis in Iraq, published by Free Press. In a discussion with Mr. Gelb, Prof. Ajami profiled the…

  • US Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

    Leslie Gelb spoke by remote from New York City about his five-point plan on U.S. involvement in Iraq. He and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member Joseph Biden co-wrote an…

  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Last Aired

    Central Intelligence Agency

    Former directors spoke about their tenures at the CIA and how the agency has changed. Among the topics they addressed were new intelligence gathering methods, terrorist threats, and the…

  • Foreign Policy Issues
    Last Aired

    Foreign Policy Issues

    Mr. Gelb talked via video link from New York City about foreign policy issues, focusing on the role of foreign policy and the war on terror in the 2004 election. Mr. Gelb responded to…

  • The Next War
    Last Aired

    The Next War

    The panelists, led by Mr. Holbrooke as moderator, discussed the possibility of war with Iraq, what kind of war it will be, and what the world will be like after the war. Mr. Gelb is the…

  • Building Lasting Peace in Kosovo
    Last Aired

    Building Lasting Peace in Kosovo

    Secretary Albright spoke about how the international community might go about securing peace in Kosovo. She pointed to the United Nations and the Kosovo implementation force (K-FOR) set up…

  • Paris Peace Accord 25th Anniversary Part 2
    Last Aired

    Paris Peace Accord 25th Anniversary, Part 2

    In a session titled, “Vietnam - Legacy and Lessons,” moderated by Mr. Gelb, the panelists discussed the impact of the Paris Accord on today’s U.S. foreign policy. General Boyd was a…

  • National Security Council Future
    Last Aired

    National Security Council Future

    Mr. Berger addressed a forum on the future of the National Security Council at the fiftieth anniversary of the NSC. He talked about the accomplishments and contributions of the National…

  • National Security Council Future
    Last Aired

    National Security Council Future

    The Council on Foreign Relations hosted a panel to discuss the role of the National Security Council in world relations. Mr. Koppel moderates the discussion. Following their discussion,…

  • Global Free Markets
    Last Aired

    Global Free Markets

    Mr. Soros and Mr. Krugman debated their positions on the implications of capitalism around the world. Mr. Soros discussed the globalization of the economy and how economies are interrelated and warned…

  • United Nations What Is in It for the US
    Last Aired

    United Nations: What Is in It for the U.S.?

    Current and former ambassadors to the United Nations debated the merits of U.S. involvement in U.N. activities. They discussed topics such as the end of the Cold War, the role of the U.N.…

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