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  • Democracy in the Western Hemisphere Part 1
    Last Aired

    Democracy in the Western Hemisphere, Part 1

    Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) discussed democracy in the Western Hemisphere at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International…

  • Senators Rubio and Cardin Discuss Human Rights in Russia
    Last Aired

    Human Rights in Russia

    Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) delivered keynote remarks at a discussion focused on human rights abuses by the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both senators…

  • Discussion on Democracy Building Abroad
    Last Aired

    Promoting Democracy

    Diplomatic, academic, and legal experts talked about the importance of assistance to nations that are exploring democratic reforms or newly democratic states. This panel was part of the Foreign…

  • Obama Administration and Emerging Democracies
    Last Aired

    Obama Administration and Emerging Democracies

    Samantha Power gave the keynote address at a Brookings Institution conference on foreign policies of emerging-market democracies.

  • Democracy Service Medal Presentation to the Dalai Lama
    Last Aired

    Democracy Service Medal Presentation to the Dalai Lama

    The National Endowment for Democracy presented the Dalai Lama with the Democracy Service Medal in recognition of the Tibetan spiritual leader’s commitment to advancing the principles of democracy and human…

  • Tiananmen Square 20th Anniversary Commemoration
    Last Aired

    Tiananmen Square 20th Anniversary Commemoration

    Former student protesters who took part in demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and others delivered remarks at a commemorative ceremony on the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen…

  • Democracy and US Foreign Policy
    Last Aired

    Democracy and U.S. Foreign Policy

    Panelists spoke about u.S. foreign policy and efforts to promote democracy in other countries and regions. Among the topics they addressed were the effectiveness of programs to spread American beliefs…

  • Democracy Promotion
    Last Aired

    Democracy Promotion

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made opening remarks about a range of democracy promotion issues at the the inaugural meeting of the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Democracy…

  • emAnother Look at Putins Soulem
    Last Aired

    Another Look at Putin's Soul

    Andrei Piontkovsky talked about his volume of essays, Another Look at Putin’s Soul, published by Hudson Institute Press. The collection analyzes Russian domestic and foreign policy from 2001-06, especially…

  • Promoting the Rule of Law
    Last Aired

    Promoting the Rule of Law

    A panel discussion was held on moving towards a coherent approach to promoting the rule of law. The panelists discussed human rights and poverty issues including developing a culture of…

  • National Endowment for Democracy
    Last Aired

    National Endowment for Democracy

    Mr. Gershman talked about efforts to promote democracy abroad. He also responded to viewer comments and questions.

  • North Korean Refugees
    Last Aired

    North Korean Refugees

    Panelists talked about human rights, conditions for dissidents, and North Korean refugees. Among the issues they addressed were conditions in North Korean labor camps, Chinese repatriation…

  • Promoting Democracy
    Last Aired

    Promoting Democracy

    Mr. Gershman and Mr. Goodman talked about how the U.S. needs to promote democracy as it provides military and monetary support around the world. They responded to audience telephone calls,…

  • Political and Human Rights in Russia
    Last Aired

    Political and Human Rights in Russia

    Ms. Bonner and others spoke about human rights policies in Russia, concentrating on actions in the region of Chechnya. Translation into English was performed by an interpreter.

  • How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War
    Last Aired

    How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War

    For the tenth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mr. Lindberg moderated two panels who discussed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block. Among the issues they…

  • Lane Kirkland Memorial Service
    Last Aired

    Lane Kirkland Memorial Service

    Participants gathered to pay homage to labor leader Lane Kirkland. President Clinton described him as “the very embodiment of the cause of freedom,” and praised him for his life’s work.

  • Transition Democracy and Prosperity
    Last Aired

    Transition, Democracy, and Prosperity

    Foreign Minister Geremek discussed Poland’s inclusion in NATO and its transition to a democratic government. He focused on the sense of security that membership in NATO had provided. He…

  • Security and Economics in Europe
    Last Aired

    Security and Economics in Europe

    In a symposium commemorating the Marshall Plan, speakers and panels discussed the ramifications of economic cooperation between the U.S., Europe and the Soviet Union as well as continuing…

  • Development in the USSR
    Last Aired

    Development in the U.S.S.R.

    Ms. Starovoitova talked about recent events in the Soviet Union. She discussed the results of the break up of the Soviet empire. She also answered questions on a variety of related topics.

  • New Arab Social Contract in the Middle East
    Last Aired

    New Arab Social Contract in the Middle East

    The panelists talked about how the Persian Gulf war has brought the possibility and idea of democracy to the forefront. Mr. Dessouki called the war “a culmination of human drama.” The war…

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