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  • Woodrow Wilsons Domestic Policies
    Last Aired

    Woodrow Wilson's Domestic Policies

    Historians and economists discussed Woodrow Wilson’s views on domestic policies, including women’s and African American rights, banking and the Federal Reserve System. The Wilson Center in…

  • Reflections on US Entry into World War I
    Last Aired

    Reflections on U.S. Entry into World War I

    Historians talked about what motivated the United States to declare war on Germany in 1917. They also spoke about how U.S. diplomacy was transformed after World War I and the legacy of the…

  • First Ladies Ellen Wilson and Edith Wilson
    Last Aired

    First Ladies Ellen Wilson and Edith Wilson

    Mr. Cooper and Ms. Miller talked about the lives and influences of first ladies Ellen Wilson and Edith Wilson, and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Ellen Wilson designed the Rose Garden before…

  • Life Portrait of Woodrow Wilson
    Last Aired

    Life Portrait of Woodrow Wilson

    In the twenty-seventh in a series on American presidents, scholars and historians discussed the life and career of Woodrow Wilson. Among the issues they discussed were his boyhood during…

  • emWoodrow Wilson A Biographyem
    Last Aired

    Woodrow Wilson: A Biography

    Historian John Milton Cooper, Jr., argued that the roots of the modern American state go back further than President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to the pioneering administration of Woodrow Wilson. He began…

  • Theodore Roosevelts 150th Birthday
    Last Aired

    Theodore Roosevelt's 150th Birthday

    President and Mrs. Bush made remarks in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt’s 150th birthday at an event in the East Room. They were joined by historian John Milton Cooper and an…

  • emBreaking the Heart of the Worldem
    Last Aired

    Breaking the Heart of the World

    John Milton Cooper talked about President Wilson’s 1919 campaign to gain popular and senatorial support for the League of Nations and the reasons behind the rejection by the Senate. He also…

  • Historys Value Today
    Last Aired

    History's Value Today

    Historians discussed the reasons for studying history and its uses in today’s world as a necessary expansion of experience and a way of taking individuals outside their own lives and…