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  • Atlantic Council Examines Public Opinion in Iran
    Last Aired

    Iranian Public Opinion

    The Atlantic Council held a forum with the pollsters who led a University of Maryland Center for International and Security Studies and the firm survey on Iranian public opinion. The…

  • Zalmay Khalizad and Paul Pillar Discuss the Assad Regime and Syrian Conflict
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Syria

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad talked about Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, as well as the likelihood that President Obama’s successor will inherit the…

  • Discussion on President Obamas Middle East Policy
    Last Aired

    Middle East Policy

    Former government officials talked about President Obama’s foreign policy approach toward the Middle East. They compared the Obama administration’s foreign policy with the former Bush administration. Former Assistant…

  • US Israel Relationship
    Last Aired

    U.S. -Israel Relationship

    A group of former CIA analysts spoke an event that was critical of the U.S.-Israel relationship. They questioned whether Israel was truly an American ally. “Is Israel Really a U.S. Ally?”…

  • Foreign Policy Challenges in the Middle East
    Last Aired

    Foreign Policy Challenges in the Middle East

    Foreign policy experts talked about some of the challenges facing the next White House administration, including Iran’s nuclear program, Israeli-Palestinian tensions, and the continuing…

  • War in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    War in Afghanistan

    Panelists discussed U.S. strategy for the Afghanistan war, the cost of operations, counterinsurgency goals, threats to regional security, and peace negotiations. They also responded to…

  • emTerrorizing Ourselvesem
    Last Aired

    Terrorizing Ourselves

    Christopher Preble, a co-editor, and Paul Pillar, a contributor to the book, spoke about Terrorizing Ourselves: Why U.S. Counterterrorism Policy is Failing and How to Fix It (Cato…

  • US Strategy in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan

    A bipartisan group of scholars, business executives, former government officials and journalists known as the Afghanistan Study Group released a report on the war. It recommended changes in…

  •  Obama Administration Counterterrorism Policy
    Last Aired

    Obama Administration Counterterrorism Policy

    Panelists talked about the first year of the Obama administration’s counterterrorism policies. Topics included the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Flight 253. Following their…

  • Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

    Panelists spoke about spoke about U.S. policy in Afghanistan and counterinsurgency strategy. Among the topics they addressed were military troop levels needed to support a counterinsurgency…

  • US Strategy in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan

    Witnesses testified about U.S. military strategy in Afghanistan, focusing on counterinsurgency, regional stability issues, and training of Afghan forces.

  • US Policy in Afghanistan
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy in Afghanistan

    Panelists assessed President Barack Obama’s policy options for Afghanistan. Among the issues they addressed were counter terrorism and counterinsurgency strategies, increased troop levels…

  • Strategic Counterterrorism
    Last Aired

    Strategic Counterterrorism

    A panel discussion was held on U.S. counterterrorism strategies for the future as outlined in a new paper, “Strategic Counterterrorism,” written by Daniel Benjamin. Mr. Benjamin talked about the…

  • US Policy Toward Iran
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iran

    Military experts testified about regional and global threats from Iran and the possible consequences of U.S. military action on Iranian citizens. Topics included the stability of Iraq and…

  • US Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing to assess military policy and current conditions in Iraq. Witnesses testified about the roots of sectarian tensions in the country,…

  • PreIraq War Intelligence
    Last Aired

    Pre-Iraq War Intelligence

    The Senate Democratic Policy Committee held an oversight hearing on how pre-war intelligence was used in regard to Iraq. Former CIA and State Department officials and others talked about their…

  • Intelligence Policy and the War in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Intelligence Policy and the War in Iraq

    Paul Pillar talked about U.S. intelligence policy and the war in Iraq. Mr. Pillar was the CIA National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia from 2000-2005. In a recent article in…

  • emThe Next Attack  The Failure of the War on Terrorem
    Last Aired

    The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror

    Daniel Benjamin and Steve Simon talked about their book The Next Attack: The Failure of the War on Terror and a Strategy for Getting it Right, published by Times Books. In the book, the authors…

  • Inquiry Into September 11 Attacks Day 8
    Last Aired

    Inquiry Into September 11 Attacks, Day 8

    Witnesses testified about intelligence gathering practices prior to September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the U.S. and intelligence on several past terrorist attacks. Among the topics…

  • Terrorism Policies
    Last Aired

    Terrorism Policies

    Mr. Pillar discussed his book Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy and the future threats of terrorism around the world. He also responded to viewer telephone calls, faxes and electronic mail.…

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