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  • Media and Politics
    Last Aired

    Media and Politics

    Dianne Rehm and Susan Page spoke to students and answered questions about media coverage of politics, how different media platforms cover political events, the role of talk radio, as well…

  • First Amendment in Schools
    Last Aired

    First Amendment in Schools

    A panel discussion was held on the exercising of First Amendment rights in schools. Topics included: how the First Amendment applies to public schools; how First Amendment freedoms differ between…

  • Media Coverage of IsraeliHezbollah Conflict
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of Israeli-Hezbollah Conflict

    Panelists discussed the media coverage of Israeli-Hezbollah conflict in Lebanon, its impact on the public, and reaction to the conflict by various factions. They responded to questions from…

  • AlJazeera Network
    Last Aired

    Al-Jazeera Network

    Mr. Al-Mirazi talked about Al-Jazeera’s coverage of war in Iraq, Arabic public opinion, and efforts to present balanced media coverage of events. Following his remarks he answered questions…

  • The AfricanAmerican Press
    Last Aired

    The African-American Press

    Participants talked about the history of the African American press and its impact on today’s media culture. Following their discussion they answered questions from students.

  • Freedom of the Press and Democracy
    Last Aired

    Freedom of the Press and Democracy

    The guests discussed the lack of a free press in Russia, and the need for a free press in a democracy. They examined the role of the press in maintaining Boris Yeltsin’s power and in…