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  • 2015 State of the Net Conference
    Last Aired

    Internet Policy Conference, Part 1

    The Internet Education Foundation held its annual “State of the Net” Conference Speakers talked about issues such as net neutrality, virtual currencies, cybersecurity, and online privacy. This portion includes…

  • Internet Caucus Debates NSA and Privacy
    Last Aired

    Internet Caucus on Privacy

    The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee spoke about privacy law and technology following the recent leaks of information about a NSA program collecting vast amounts of metadata…

  • Mobile Technology and Privacy Industry and Consumer Officials
    Last Aired

    Mobile Technology and Privacy, Industry and Consumer Officials

    Industry representatives and consumer advocates testified on privacy issues surrounding smartphones, tablets and other mobile technologies. They focused on reports revealing that Apple’s…

  • Mobile Technology Protection and Privacy
    Last Aired

    Mobile Technology Protection and Privacy

    Officials from Apple, Facebook, and Google testified on consumer privacy issues surrounding the use of mobile technology devices such as smartphones and tablets. The hearing focused on…

  • Internet Regulation in China
    Last Aired

    Internet Regulation in China

    Executives with internet companies Google and Go Daddy testified before a federal commission that monitors civil rights abuses in China about problems they’ve had operating in that country. Both…

  • Media Regulation and the First Amendment
    Last Aired

    Media Regulation and the First Amendment

    Panelists talked about new media, ways in which government can regulate it, and what new technologies have the possibility to change they way things are regulated. Topics included new…

  • Retaining Customer Data
    Last Aired

    Retaining Customer Data

    The Federal Trade Commission held a forum on technology, consumer privacy and the benefits and the risks associated with information sharing. Panelists included people from business,…

  • The Future of the Internet
    Last Aired

    The Future of the Internet

    A panel discussion, titled “Telecommunications Policy Reform - The Future of the Internet,” was held at the International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center.…

  • Google Print Debate
    Last Aired

    Google Print Debate

    Ms. Singleton moderated a panel titled “Gutenberg Meets Google: The Debate About Google Print.” Attorneys and experts debated the fact that the Google Print for Libraries project has…

  • Google and Copyright Law
    Last Aired

    Google and Copyright Law

    Mr. Davison spoke about Google’s plan to offer portions of text of books from the collections of three university libraries. While the service is free, Google said it would profit from…

  • FBI Electronic Mail Surveillance Program
    Last Aired

    FBI Electronic Mail Surveillance Program

    Law enforcement officials, legal experts and industry representatives testified about a computer program called ‘Carnivore’ that would allow the FBI to intercept and collect electronic…