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  • Former CIA Director David Petraeus Discusses Translators in Afghanistan and Iraq
    Last Aired

    Translators in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Retired General David Petraeus talked about the role Iraqi and Afghan translators have played in service to U.S. forces and shared some of his experiences with them throughout his military career. He also…

  • Middle East Policy Planning
    Last Aired

    Middle East Policy Planning

    Panelists that included former special envoy Dennis Ross discussed the past 30 years of U.S. policy planning for the Middle East and gave recommendations for the current situation including dealing with the…

  • Defense Spending and National Security
    Last Aired

    Defense Spending and National Security

    Robert Hale gave the keynote address at a Brookings Institution forum on the potential effects of Defense Department sequestration budget cuts on national security, including the possibility of lost jobs and…

  • Cybersecurity Threats to the US
    Last Aired

    Cybersecurity Threats to the U.S.

    General Keith Alexander talked about the increasing frequency of cyber attacks in the U.S. and globally and said Congress needed to pass comprehensive legislation to protect cyber…

  • US Military Intervention in Libya
    Last Aired

    U.S. Military Intervention in Libya

    Panelists talked about the implications of U.S. military actions in Libya. Among the issues they addressed were the purpose of the mission, the constitutionality of U.S. involvement in the…

  • US and World Economy
    Last Aired

    U.S. and World Economy

    Paul Wolfowitz talked about the impact that the downgrading of Greece, Portugal, and Spain’s credit ratings will have on the world’s economy. Mr. Wolfowitz also talked about a tax on bank profits…

  • US Defense Strategy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Defense Strategy

    Paul Wolfowitz talked about the changes in global strategy after the fall of the Berlin Wall twenty years previously. He responded to questions from members of the audience. “A Conversation with Paul…

  • Japans Elections
    Last Aired

    Japan's Elections

    Bob Schieffer Moderated a panel discussion on Japan’s recent presidential elections and the potential impact on future relations between Asia and the United States.

  • USTaiwan Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Taiwan Relations

    In the first of two panels focusing on the Taiwan Relations Act’s impact on U.S. China policy over the past 30 years focused on issues such as trade relations, military and diplomatic…

  • emWar and Decisionem
    Last Aired

    War and Decision

    Panelists spoke about Douglas Feith’s book War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism, published by Harper. The book and discussion focused on the response by…

  • Next Steps for Africa
    Last Aired

    Next Steps for Africa

    The participants talked about Africa’s difficulties in reaching the Millennium Development Goals. Topics included the role of African, G-8, and business leaders in reaching these goals,…

  • Status of Iraqi Reconstruction
    Last Aired

    Status of Iraqi Reconstruction

    Administration officials testified about the status and prospects for reconstruction and rehabilitation in Iraq, as well as the needed resources to complete the efforts. Among the issues…

  • Summit on Malaria
    Last Aired

    Summit on Malaria

    U.S. government officials, world public health officials, and others participated in a White House Summit on Malaria. Summit topics included the challenges of malaria in Africa,…

  • World Economic Outlook
    Last Aired

    World Economic Outlook

    President Wolfowitz talked with reporters about a number of issues including the state of the global economy, economic programs to assist developing countries, debt relief, and upcoming…

  • Tribute to Yitzhak Rabin
    Last Aired

    Tribute to Yitzhak Rabin

    At a dedication ceremony for the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Library, Yuval Rabin, the son of the assassinated prime minister, delivered the First Annual Rabin Memorial Lecture. David Brooks acted as…

  • World Bank Priorities
    Last Aired

    World Bank Priorities

    Paul Wolfowitz spoke about priorities of the World Bank. Among the topics he discussed were international trade, development agenda, Africa, good governance, and the role of women.…

  • The Legacy of Paul Nitze
    Last Aired

    The Legacy of Paul Nitze

    Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz described the national security legacy of Paul Nitze, who served six presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt through Ronald Reagan. He was a former Secretary of the…

  • Poverty in Africa
    Last Aired

    Poverty in Africa

    Before attending a closed meeting held by the African Growth and Opportunity Acceleration 3 (AGOA 3) Committee, Paul Wolfowitz, in his first day as President of the World Bank, spoke to reporters about…

  • Farewell Ceremony
    Last Aired

    Farewell Ceremony

    The Department of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld held a ceremony in honor of Deputy Secretary Defense Paul Wolfowitz to mark his transfer from duties at the Pentagon. Officials presiding over the…

  • World Bank President Nomination
    Last Aired

    World Bank President Nomination

    After a meeting with European Union leaders, World Bank president nominee Wolfowitz talked briefly with reporters. He talked about what he would do as president of the organization. He…

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