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  • Dick Cheney Possible Presidential Run
    Last Aired

    Dick Cheney Possible Presidential Run

    Former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney talked about his plans for the future and the possibility that he might run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1996. He answered editors'…

  • Future of Public Radio
    Last Aired

    Future of Public Radio

    Participants spoke about the 40-year history of National Public Radio (NPR). Among the topics they addressed were the beginnings of NPR, how youth audiences feel about radio, Commenter Juan…

  • Issues in Journalism
    Last Aired

    Issues in Journalism

    A panel moderated by Norman Pearlstine talked about the future of the news industry. Among the topics they addressed were public perceptions of various forms of media, the state of the news…

  • Sexual Orientation and Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    Sexual Orientation and Midterm Elections

    Participants talked about gay and lesbian issues in the 2006 midterm elections and the potential impact of election results on future campaigns, including the 2008 national elections. Topics…

  • Journalism Sources and Secrecy
    Last Aired

    Journalism, Sources and Secrecy

    At a conference titled “National Security Archives: Celebrating 20 Years of Keeping Government Honest,” journalists participated in panel discussion on confidential sources. They discussed…

  • Anonymous Sourcing and Government Secrecy
    Last Aired

    Anonymous Sourcing and Government Secrecy

    Journalists talked about the state of news reporting and professional standards in journalism. They focused on granting anonymity to sources, media leaks by politicians and others, the…

  • Corporate Trust Study
    Last Aired

    Corporate Trust Study

    The American Academy of Arts and Sciences released its new report titled “Restoring Trust in American Business.” The report examined the recent corporate scandals and includes steps for…

  • Journalists Privilege
    Last Aired

    Journalists' Privilege

    Federal prosecutors and journalists discussed the issue of reporters' privilege and the ability of journalists to protect confidential sources. Matt Cooper detailed the case against him to reveal…

  • Media Ownership Issues
    Last Aired

    Media Ownership Issues

    Witnesses testified about media ownership rules and a recent federal court decision leaving some local decisions to the Federal Communication Commission. They also talked about levels of…

  • Ethics in Journalism
    Last Aired

    Ethics in Journalism

    Mr. Ogletree moderated a roundtable discussion of ethical issues facing journalists. Among the topics they addressed were the military program to embed journalists in Iraq, how reporting is…

  • Security and Privacy in the US
    Last Aired

    Security and Privacy in the U.S.

    The Administrative Law Section held “The Great Debate of 2003: Security v. Privacy in the Post-September 11 Era.” The question was, “Resolved: On Balance, the United States Government Has Safeguarded…

  • Journalism and the War on Terrorism
    Last Aired

    Journalism and the War on Terrorism

    Participants talked about American journalism and how well it had served the public interest in the wake of September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Among the topics they addressed were…

  • Public Affairs Reporting
    Last Aired

    Public Affairs Reporting

    Journalists and academics talked about various ways reporting had changed since terrorist attacks on the U.S., their experiences as journalists, and offered advice on training new…

  • Newspaper Headlines and Bottom Lines
    Last Aired

    Newspaper Headlines and Bottom Lines

    Participants talked about the ability of American newspapers to cover the war against terrorism. Among the issues they addressed were the costs of operating foreign bureaus, corporate profits, and the influence of business…

  • The Future of Diversity in Media
    Last Aired

    The Future of Diversity in Media

    Panelists explore how communities of color and culture have become a powerful force in pushing mainstream media for more representation and positive portrayals.

  • Media Coverage of the Congressional Races
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of the Congressional Races

    Participants discussed how the media should cover the 2000 campaign. They focused on the duration of the campaign and the difficulty of maintaining interest among readers. They also focused…

  • Pulitzer Prize Awards
    Last Aired

    Pulitzer Prize Awards

    Ms. Overholser, the chair of the Pulitzer selection committee, talked about the selection process and the history of the awards and her job at the Washington Post. She also took audience…

  • Media Credibility
    Last Aired

    Media Credibility

    Mr. Ogletree moderated this discussion among members of Congress, journalists and journalism executives on media credibility. They examined why the public distrusts the news media and how…

  • Public Information about Candidates
    Last Aired

    Public Information about Candidates

    Panelists discussed how debates fit in to the overall information network about political candidates from campaign commercials, political conventions and news coverage. They examined the…

  • Column Writing
    Last Aired

    Column Writing

    Ms. Overholser talked about issues that concern modern day journalists and advice on some of thos issues. She talked about the effect that profit demands have on the newsrooms and the lack…

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