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  • Discussion on White HouseCongressional Relations
    Last Aired

    Congressional-Presidential Relations

    Former White House legislative affairs liaisons from the administrations of George H.W. Bush to President Obama discussed how they interacted with Congress to pass legislation. They also commented on…

  • NPRs Ron Elving on the Press  Public Advocacy
    Last Aired

    Media Coverage of Lobbying

    Ron Elving, senior Washington editor for NPR News, spoke about the media coverage of lobbing and the relationship between lobbyists and the press. Toics included the relationships of the Obama…

  • Role of Think Tanks in Lobbying and Advocacy
    Last Aired

    Think Tanks and Lobbying

    Matt Bennett talked about the history of think tanks, their influence in Congress, and how a think tank moves a public policy issue such as the Affordable Care Act or immigration. Mr. Bennett…

  • An Examination of Immigraton Reform
    Last Aired

    Future of Immigration Reform

    Jack Martin, director of special projects for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), talked about immigration reform. Topics included efforts to make it harder for illegal…

  • Use of the Internet in Advocacy Campaigns
    Last Aired

    Use of the Internet in Advocacy Campaigns

    Alan Rosenblatt and Josh Koster talked about the use of and effects of social media on legislation. Topics included the use of Twitter, Facebook, and online ads. They answered questions…

  • Messaging in Lobbying Campaigns
    Last Aired

    Messaging in Lobbying Campaigns

    Patrick Griffin detailed the process of developing and implementing a strategic campaign message. He began the session by asking students questions about strategic messaging. In his remarks he provided examples of ways to frame…

  • Grassroots Organizing
    Last Aired

    Grassroots Organizing

    Glen Caroline talked about grassroots lobbying. He focused on the National Rifle Association’s grassroots structure, organizing efforts, and legislative successes. After his presentation he…

  • ExecutiveCongressional Branch Relations and Lobbying
    Last Aired

    Executive-Congressional Branch Relations and Lobbying

    Former Legislative Affairs Director for President Clinton Charles Brain talked to students about how the White House lobbies Congress for action on its legislative agenda. In his comments…

  • Rules and Regulations of Lobbying
    Last Aired

    Rules and Regulations of Lobbying

    Michael Berman talked about the evolution of federal lobbying rules and regulations. In his remarks he criticized new rules on Executive Branch lobbying created by the Obama administration.…

  • Political Fundraising
    Last Aired

    Political Fundraising

    Mary Jane Volk outlined the steps needed to raise money for an advocacy organization. In her comments she talked about the importance of getting the money to back up the vision of what an organization hopes…

  • Grassroots Organization
    Last Aired

    Grassroots Organization

    Glen Caroline talked to students about the methods used in effective grassroots lobbying and how to work with elected officials. Among the issues he addressed were strategies to influence…

  • Internet in Advocacy Campaigns
    Last Aired

    Internet in Advocacy Campaigns

    Alan Rosenblatt spoke to students about use of the Internet in issue advocacy campaigns. Among the topics he addressed were social media networks, information flow, and software…

  • Lobbying in Washington
    Last Aired

    Lobbying in Washington

    Sheila Murphy talked about the differences between working as a lobbyists and as a Congressional staff member. Ms. Murphy formerly has worked as a legislative director for Senators Amy…

  • Campaign Strategic Communication
    Last Aired

    Campaign Strategic Communication

    Patrick Griffin spoke to students about lobbying strategies and developing persuasive messages for issue advocacy. Among the topics he addressed were persuasion, framing messages, and…

  • Lobbying to Reduce Green House Gases
    Last Aired

    Lobbying to Reduce Green House Gases

    Michael Goo talked about lobbying to reduce greenhouse gases. Among other topics, Mr. Goo addressed evidence of global warming, key political figures who support global warming legislation, where in…

  • Lobbying and Political Campaigns
    Last Aired

    Lobbying and Political Campaigns

    Professor Patrick Griffin presented a lecture about the political campaign as a lobbying strategy. In his remarks he outlined areas of similarity between political campaigns and the…

  • Presidential Transitions
    Last Aired

    Presidential Transitions

    Participants in a conference on the upcoming presidential transition spoke about past administration efforts during transition periods, promises made by both 2008 presidential candidates to “change the way Washington…

  • Congressional Leadership
    Last Aired

    Congressional Leadership

    A bipartisan panel of former staff members for congressional leaders gave advice for the leaders of the 110th Congress on working with the executive branch to set and follow a successful…

  • Congressional Leadership
    Last Aired

    Congressional Leadership

    A bipartisan panel of former members of Congress gave advice for the leaders of the 110th Congress on working with the executive branch to set and follow a successful legislative agenda. James Thurber…

  • Ethics and Lobbying
    Last Aired

    Ethics and Lobbying

    Pat Griffin gave a lecture on ethics and lobbying. Among the topics he addressed were campaign fundraising and ideology. Following his presentation, Mr. Griffin responded to questions and…

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