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  • emEmergency Presidential Powerem
    Last Aired

    Emergency Presidential Power

    Chris Edelson talked about his book, Emergency Presidential Power: From the Drafting of the Constitution to the War on Terror, in which he looks at the use of executive power during times…

  • Office of the DCI History Collection
    Last Aired

    Office of the DCI History Collection

    Intelligence experts spoke about the history of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), its relationship with various branches of government, and the progression of intelligence policy over…

  • Congress the United Nations and War Power
    Last Aired

    Congress, the United Nations, and War Power

    Porter Goss delivered the keynote address at a discussion of the War Powers Act. Each of the panelists then spoke before a discussion about the constitutionality of military action without an…

  • US Military Action in Libya
    Last Aired

    U.S. Military Action in Libya

    Harold Koh testified that the War Powers Act of 1973 did not apply to U.S. involvement in Libya and that President Obama did not need congressional authority for continued support of the NATO mission…

  • Justice Department and Congressional Subpoenas
    Last Aired

    Justice Department and Congressional Subpoenas

    Witnesses testified about Justice Department refusals to comply with congressional subpoenas. Among the topics they addressed were the history of congressional subpoenas, executive…

  • Overview of Military Commissions
    Last Aired

    Overview of Military Commissions

    After welcoming remarks, panelists gave an overview of military commission operations and practices. Among the topics they addressed were the rules and precedents for conducting military…

  • Legal Treatment of Terrorist Suspects
    Last Aired

    Legal Treatment of Terrorist Suspects

    Legal scholars spoke about U.S. detention policy for suspected terrorists and enemy combatants, closing the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, interrogation methods used by U.S. government…

  • History of Presidential Pardons
    Last Aired

    History of Presidential Pardons

    On Tuesday, President Bush pardoned nineteen individuals and commuted one prison term. Louis Fisher talked about the history of the Presidential pardon, why Presidents give them, and who…

  • Congressional Regulation of Intelligence
    Last Aired

    Congressional Regulation of Intelligence

    The panelists talked about the constitutional role of Congress in intelligence operations. Other topics included the policy issues of unilateral presidential action versus working with Congress, the…

  • Powers of the President
    Last Aired

    Powers of the President

    The guest talked about the powers of the president and their scope and use, including President Bush’s decision this week to commute the sentence of Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby. He also talked…

  • Presidential War Powers
    Last Aired

    Presidential War Powers

    Panelists spoke about presidential powers during times of war and the Bush administration’s use of executive power in efforts to combat global terrorism and pursue military actions in…

  • Congressional Oversight and Executive Privilege
    Last Aired

    Congressional Oversight and Executive Privilege

    Panel members discussed the balance between congressional oversight and executive privilege when Congress demands information, executive branch documents, or the testimony of executive…

  • emIn the Name of National Securityem
    Last Aired

    In the Name of National Security

    Louis Fisher was interviewed about his book In the Name of National Security: Unchecked Presidential Power and the Reynolds Case, to be published in September 2006 by University Press of…

  • emMilitary Tribunals And Presidential Powerem
    Last Aired

    Military Tribunals And Presidential Power

    Moderated by Ms. Strum, Mr. Fisher and other panelists considered the ideas in his book, Military Tribunals and Presidential Power: American Revolution to the War on Terrorism, published by…

  • War Powers Report
    Last Aired

    War Powers Report

    Members of the bipartisan War Powers Initiative announced the release of a report examining U.S. decision-making in whether to use force abroad. They said that the War Powers Act needed…

  • PresidentialCongressional Relations in a New Century
    Last Aired

    Presidential-Congressional Relations in a New Century

    Pfiffner’s and Polsby’s topic was “President and Congress at the Turn of the Century: Structural Sources of Conflict.” Wayne’s topic was “Congress and Presidential Leadership.” Davidson’s topic was…

  • GAO Lawsuit
    Last Aired

    GAO Lawsuit

    Mr. Fisher talks about the General Accounting Office rationale for planning to file a lawsuit against the White House for access to documents from President Bush’s energy task force. He…

  • Electoral College
    Last Aired

    Electoral College

    Mr. Fisher talked about the Electoral College vote, how Congress certified the vote, and likely objections to votes to be counted later in the day. He also responded to audience phone…

  • Presidential Mandates and Congressional Leadership
    Last Aired

    Presidential Mandates and Congressional Leadership

    Cohen’s topic is “The Impact of Campaign Message and Election Mandates on Presidential-Congressional Relations.” Oleszek’s topic is “Herding Cats: Presidential Coalition-Building in the Senate.” Fisher’s…

  • Measuring Presidential Success
    Last Aired

    Measuring Presidential Success

    Thurber and Dulio’s topic is “Presidential-Congressional Relations and the Politics of the Appropriations Process.” Dietz’s topic is “Presidential Influence in Congress: New Solutions to Old…

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