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  • Panelists Discuss Legacy of 1968 Fair Housing Act
    Last Aired

    Housing Policy

    Community leaders, historians, and policymakers participated in a discussion on the 50th anniversary of Federal Housing Act and its aim to prevent discrimination in the housing industry.…

  • Housing and Banking Politics
    Last Aired

    Housing and Banking Politics

    Leaders from the Mortage Bankers Association, Financial Services Roundtable, and Housing Policy Council talked about housing finance policy. Topics included credit accessibility, the future of Fannie Mae and…

  • Washington Journal David Stevens on New Mortgage Lending Rules
    Last Aired

    New Federal Mortgage Lending Rules

    David Stevens talked about changes to mortgage lending rules approved by federal regulators and what the changes mean for borrowers and banks. The changes were aimed at increasing credit…

  • Changes in Housing Financing
    Last Aired

    Changes in Housing Financing

    Industry leaders talked about the changes in the mortgage banking industry and the challenges faced in housing finance. “Reflections on a Century of Change” was the opening general session of the…

  • Forum Discusses Housing Finance Reform
    Last Aired

    Housing Finance Reform

    Panelists talked about changing the government’s role in housing finance.

  • Fiscal Health of Federal Housing Authority
    Last Aired

    Fiscal Health of Federal Housing Authority

    Carol Galante was the keynote speaker at a discussion on the fiscal health of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA). She used PowerPoint to explain a recent independent audit which showed…

  • Housing Market and Presidential Candidates
    Last Aired

    Housing Market and Presidential Candidates

    Housing experts and civil rights advocates discussed the future of the housing market. They focused on rising foreclosures, unequal opportunity, and access to credit. Janis Bowdler in her opening…

  • Mortgage Industry and Foreclosure Crisis
    Last Aired

    Mortgage Industry and Foreclosure Crisis

    Mark Stevens talked about Obama administration initiatives to address the foreclosure crisis. He responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included the status of…

  • Economic Outlook and Real Estate Markets
    Last Aired

    Economic Outlook and Real Estate Markets

    Mayors, business leaders and policy analysts discussed a new report showing that less than 10 percent of the U.S. metropolitan areas have regained the jobs they’ve lost in the economic…

  • US Housing Market and the Economy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Housing Market and the Economy

    Participants talked about the state of the economy and solving the foreclosure crisis in the housing industry. 78,000 households received first-time default notices in August, representing…

  • Mortgage Loan Reform
    Last Aired

    Mortgage Loan Reform

    Witnesses testified about proposed legislation for restructuring the financing of mortgage loans. Among the topics addressed were the state of the housing market, the role of Fannie Mae and…

  • Mortgage Servicing and Foreclosure Prevention
    Last Aired

    Mortgage Servicing and Foreclosure Prevention

    Two House Financial Services subcommittees held a joint hearing on mortgage servicing and foreclosure mitigation practices. Members discussed the role of federal regulators in the ongoing…

  • Uniform Mortgage Servicing Standards
    Last Aired

    Uniform Mortgage Servicing Standards

    Witnesses testified about creating national standards to regulate the mortgage servicing industry, and about a recent report on greater federal oversight over mortgage servicers and the…

  • Mortgage Services and Foreclosure Practices Financial Regulators Panel
    Last Aired

    Mortgage Services and Foreclosure Practices, Financial Regulators Panel

    Experts from the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Board, and financial institutions testified on the mortgage crisis focusing on questionable lending and foreclosure practices and ways…

  • Investigation of FHAApproved Lenders
    Last Aired

    Investigation of FHA-Approved Lenders

    Officials announced that several subpoenas had been issued to banks that had a record of issuing bad mortgage loans under the Federal Housing Administration’s FHA loan program. The also…

  • Mortgage Refinancing and Modification
    Last Aired

    Mortgage Refinancing and Modification

    Witnesses testified about the Making Home Affordable program, which was designed to stem foreclosures by allowing eligible homeowners to refinance or modify the terms of their mortgages.