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  • James F Byrnes and Franklin Roosevelt
    Last Aired

    James F. Byrnes and Franklin Roosevelt

    University of Virginia politics professor Sidney Milkis lectures on James F. Byrnes, who served in the U.S. House and Senate, as a Supreme Court Justice and in the Franklin D. Roosevelt…

  • President Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal
    Last Aired

    President Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal

    Sidney Milkis taught a class about President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal domestic economic programs enacted between 1933 and 1936. The New Deal programs included the Emergency Banking Bill, the Agricultural…

  • Presidents and Political Structure
    Last Aired

    Presidents and Political Structure

    Panelists talked about the public and political expectations of presidents dealing with disaster relief after hurricanes, floods, and terrorist attacks, as well as the president’s…

  • Theodore Roosevelt and Jane Addams
    Last Aired

    Theodore Roosevelt and Jane Addams

    Panelists talked about the relationship between suffragist Jane Addams and Theodore Roosevelt. They focused on areas of cooperation in Progressive Era efforts to allieviate poverty and…

  • Theodore Roosevelt and the 1912 Presidential Election
    Last Aired

    Theodore Roosevelt and the 1912 Presidential Election

    Panelists talked about Theodore Roosevelt’s failed run for the Presidency in 1912 as a third party candidate from the Progressive Party. He had been the 26th President from 1901 through…

  • Progressive Politics of Theodore Roosevelt and Barack Obama
    Last Aired

    Progressive Politics of Theodore Roosevelt and Barack Obama

    Panelists compared and contrasted the political philosophies of Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Barack Obama. In 1910, Theodore Roosevelt delivered his “New Nationalism” speech which espoused his…

  • President George H W Bush and American Conservatism
    Last Aired

    President George H. W. Bush and American Conservatism

    Sidney Milkis chaired a discussion of President George H.W. Bush and American conservatism. The panelists also responded to questions from members of the audience. “Bush and American…

  • Rhetoric and Imagery of President Kennedy
    Last Aired

    Rhetoric and Imagery of President Kennedy

    Miller Center scholars examined President Kennedy’s rhetoric, symbols, and images, as well as his collaboration with speechwriter Theodore Sorensen. Barbara Perry explored how Kennedy explained his Catholicism to voters in…

  • emTheodore Roosevelt the Progressive Party em
    Last Aired

    Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Party ...

    Sidney Milkis, politics professor at the University of Virginia, recounts Theodore Roosevelt’s campaign for the presidency in 1912 and his leadership of the Progressive Party. The author examines…

  • Impact of emCitizens United v FECem
    Last Aired

    Impact of Citizens United v. FEC

    Law professors and political scholars analyzed the impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The 5-4 ruling from January 2010 eliminated…

  • Democracy and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Democracy and the Internet

    Panelists talked about the role of the internet in democracy. Among the topics they addressed were bringing technology and the humanities together in educational environments, the role of…

  • Massachusetts District 8 Debate
    Last Aired

    Massachusetts District 8 Debate

    Seven candidates for the Democratic nomination talked about their campaign platform, asked questions of each other and answered audience questions.