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  • Washington Journal Margaret Flowers and Michael Tanner Discuss Single Payer Health Care
    Last Aired

    Single Payer Health System

    Dr. Margaret Flowers and Michael Tanner discussed the feasibility of a government-funded national health insurance program for the United States.

  • Green Party Nominating Convention Delegate Speeches
    Last Aired

    Green Party Nominating Convention, Delegate Speeches

    The Green Party held its national convention this past weekend in Baltimore where delegates nominated physician Jill Stein as their presidential candidate. Party officials and delegates…

  • Occupy Wall Street Movement Strategy
    Last Aired

    Occupy Wall Street Movement Strategy

    Activists discussed strategies for advancing the “Occupy Movement,” a series of citizen protests in U.S. cities over the influence of major bank interests and corporations in the political…

  • Occupy Washington DC  Discussion on the Economy
    Last Aired

    Occupy Washington D.C. Discussion on the Economy

    Occupy D.C. and October2011 Movement organizers hosted a panel discussion proposing changes to the federal budget. The event was organized as a “hearing” on the state of the economy,…

  • Single Payer Activists News Conference
    Last Aired

    Single Payer Activists' News Conference

    Single Payer Action held a news conference. The group seeks a single payer health system and calls on Congress to defeat health care reform legislation * Russell Mokhiber, Single Payer…