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  • Syrian President Bashar alAssad Interview
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    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Interview

    Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad dismissed U.S. and European calls for him to step down, saying he was chosen by the Syrian people, not the West. As the 5-month uprising in the country continued,…

  • Syrian President Bashar Assad National Address
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    Syrian President Bashar Assad National Address

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed the Syrian people after several weeks of protests and demands for political reform. In his remarks he called for talks but blamed some of the violence on…

  • Syria President Bashar alAssad Speech to Parliament
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    Syria President Bashar al-Assad Speech to Parliament

    President Bashar al-Assad addressed the Syria Parliament and spoke about the political reform process in Syria following weeks of unrest in parts of the country.

  • Arab Summit
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    Arab Summit

    Arab leaders met at a summit in Qatar to talk about the global financial crisis and regional security issues.

  • Syrian President Address
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    Syrian President Address

    Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad denied that Syria was involved in the assassination in Lebanon of a former prime minister. He also called for a firm date for withdrawal of foreign troops from Iraq and…

  • Syrian Presidential Address
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    Syrian Presidential Address

    President Assad addressed the Syrian Parliament on the situation in Lebanon, the future of Syrian military presence in the country, and plans to pull back the Syrian presence. His remarks…

  • Arab League Summit
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    Arab League Summit

    The 22-nation Arab League met in Egypt to discuss the situation in Iraq. At the end of the day, they issued a declaration rejecting war with Iraq, and calling on Arab states not to…

  • Arab Summit Opening Session
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    Arab Summit Opening Session

    Leaders of Arab nations met to consider a peace plan offered by Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The plan would offer diplomatic recognition to Israel in exchange for Israeli…