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  • emLos Angeles Timesem Coverage of Nipsey Hussles Death
    Last Aired

    Los Angeles Times Coverage of Nipsey Hussle's Death

    Los Angeles Times reporters joined the National Press Club Journalism Institute to talk about the newspaper’s coverage of the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle, who in March 2019 was fatally shot in…

  • Remembering the Apollo 11 Mission
    Last Aired

    Remembering the Apollo 11 Mission

    Former NASA astronaut Michael Collins was part of the Apollo 11 crew that landed the first man on the moon. In this program, journalist Marvin Kalb talked with Mr. Collins about his experiences in…

  • Human Rights Sanctions and Protecting Journalists
    Last Aired

    Human Rights Sanctions and Protecting Journalists

    Former State Department officials talked about protecting journalists around the world. Topics included the death of Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi and…

  • Legal Experts and Journalists Discuss First Amendment in Digital Age
    Last Aired

    First Amendment in Digital Age

    The University of Missouri Schools of Journalism and Law hosted an event in Washington, DC focusing on the First Amendment in the digital age. In the first session, attendees heard from media law…

  • Attorney Gives Keynote Address at First Amendment Conference
    Last Aired

    First Amendment in the Digital Age, Floyd Abrams Remarks

    Constitutional law attorney Floyd Abrams was a keynote speaker at a symposium on First Amendment issues. He criticized President Trump’s attacks on the press and accused him of having an…

  • Forum Examines Relations Between Lawmakers and the Press
    Last Aired

    Government Officials and the Press

    Reporters, congressional staffers, and scholars assessed the current relationship between government officials and the press. Topics included press access to lawmakers, the role of press…

  • Chuck Raasch Discusses emImperfect Unionem
    Last Aired

    Imperfect Union

    Chuck Raasch talked about his book Imperfect Union: A Father’s Search for His Son in the Aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg, in which he recalls the death of Lieutenant Bayard Wilkeson…

  • Journalists Discuss the Panama Papers
    Last Aired

    Panama Papers

    Journalists involved in the reporting of the Panama Papers* data breach talked about those documents and data reporting. Speakers included reporters from the International Consortium of…

  • A Conversation with Justices Scalia and Ginsburg 2014
    Last Aired

    Justices Scalia and Ginsburg on the First Amendment and Freedom

    Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg talked about their views of the First Amendment and the origins and contemporary meanings of freedom. They were also asked questions about National Security Agency…

  • Book Discussion on emThirteen Soldiersem
    Last Aired

    Thirteen Soldiers

    Senator John McCain (R-AZ) talked about the book he wrote with Mark Salter, Thirteen Soldiers: A Personal History of Americans at War, in which he discusses America’s armed conflicts…

  • Marion Barry 19362014
    Last Aired

    Mayor for Life

    Marion Barry talked about his book, Mayor for Life: The Incredible Story of Marion Barry, Jr., in which he discusses his upbringing in Mississippi and Memphis, his early political activism,…

  • Briefing on Vaccines and Vaccination Issues
    Last Aired

    Vaccinations and Disease Prevention

    Public health experts talked about the increasing number of outbreaks of diseases that had largely been eliminated by vaccinations generations ago. Many doctors attribute the rising cases of…

  • National Security  Freedom of the Press
    Last Aired

    Thomas Friedman on National Security and Freedom

    Thomas Friedman discussed freedom in an interview by Marvin Kalb. Topics included the intersection of national security and freedom in the wake of Edward Snowden’s revelations about National Security Agency…

  • emThe Map and the Territoryem
    Last Aired

    The Map and the Territory

    Alan Greenspan talked about his book, The Map and the Territory: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting, in which he looks at the past and future of economic forecasting and risk…

  • emHeartem
    Last Aired


    Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his longtime cardiologist, Jonathan Reiner, talked about their book, Heart: An American Medical Odyssey, in which they discuss Mr. Cheney’s history…

  • emShooting Straightem
    Last Aired

    Shooting Straight

    CNN host Piers Morgan talked about his book, Shooting Straight, in which he discusses his career in journalism and provides his views on topics such as gun control, gay marriage, and…

  • 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington
    Last Aired

    50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

    Participants who were part of the early 1960s civil rights movement talked about the 1963 March on Washington, when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech. Speakers: Marvin Kalb,…

  • 2012 Presidential Debate Moderators
    Last Aired

    2012 Presidential Debate Moderators

    Journalists who had been selected as moderators of the 2012 presidential debates talked about the debates, and the impact the debates had on the 2012 election. Among the issues they addressed were the…

  • Ted Koppel on Democracy and the Press
    Last Aired

    Ted Koppel on Democracy and the Press

    Former ABC News reporter and anchor Ted Koppel talked about the state of network news and news consumption, and how the Internet have affected the quality of reporting. He was interviewed by Marvin…