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  • emDawn of the Code Warem
    Last Aired

    Dawn of the Code War

    John Carlin, former Obama administration assistant Attorney General for national security, talked about his book, Dawn of the Code War, on the cyber threats facing the U.S. He spoke with…

  • emClick Here to Kill Everybodyem
    Last Aired

    Click Here to Kill Everybody

    Security technologist and author Bruce Schneier argued that the internet and technology are becoming more powerful but less secure. He explored the implications that may have on safety.…

  • emClimate Justiceem
    Last Aired

    Climate Justice

    Former president of Ireland Mary Robinson highlighted stories of those fighting climate change at a grass roots level. Later in the event, Voice of Women co-founder Thilmeeza Hussain joined…

  • Conservation in the West
    Last Aired

    Conservation in the West

    Western and environmental history professors discussed the impact of economic growth and industrialization on the West during the 19th century and the beginning of the western conservation…

  • Native Americans in the 20th Century
    Last Aired

    Native Americans in the 20th Century

    The Aspen Institute hosted this discussion on Native Americans in the 20th century. Panelists looked at how tribal leaders fought to preserve Indian sovereignty, and explain how lessons…

  • Past Present and Future of the American West
    Last Aired

    Past, Present and Future of the American West

    At the end of a three-day conference on the 19th century American West, scholars discussed the value of studying Western history, how key events influenced the West’s development, and…

  • Water and Wildlife of the Early American West
    Last Aired

    Water and Wildlife of the Early American West

    Historians and a novelist discussed the impact of 19th century westward expansion on the water and wildlife of the early American West. They also talked about the role of women in the Old West…

  • Impact of Westward Expansion on Native Americans
    Last Aired

    Impact of Westward Expansion on Native Americans

    Yale University history professor Ned Blackhawk and Patricia Limerick of the Center of the American West discussed the interactions between Native Americans and white settlers in the 19th…

  • Westward Expansion During the 19th Century
    Last Aired

    Westward Expansion During the 19th Century

    Historians talked about westward expansion after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and the political reasons for traveling west. They also discussed Kit Carson and other mountain men, and the…

  • American Frontiersman Kit Carson
    Last Aired

    American Frontiersman Kit Carson

    Hampton Sides is the author of Blood and Thunder: The Epic Story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West. He described the American frontiersman as a controversial figure, often…

  • Civil War and 19th Century Westward Expansion
    Last Aired

    Civil War and 19th Century Westward Expansion

    Historians discussed how the Civil War and 19th century westward expansion were interrelated and together transformed the country. They described a power shift from white citizens in the West to…

  • emOut of Many Faithsem
    Last Aired

    Out of Many Faiths

    Earl Lewis, Shirley Hoogstra, and Eboo Patel discussed the importance of religious diversity in America. Mr. Patel was a faith advisor to former President Barack Obama. Zeenat Rahman…

  • Economic Opportunity
    Last Aired

    Economic Opportunity

    Panelists talked about improving economic opportunities for Americans. Topics included income inequality, workforce training, education investment, and infrastructure funding. Speakers…

  • Justice Breyer Talks About the Supreme Court and the Law
    Last Aired

    Justice Breyer on the Supreme Court and the Law

    Justice Stephen Breyer talked about the Constitution, the law and his future on the Supreme Court in a conversation at the Aspen Institute in Colorado.

  • College Sports Governance and Compensation
    Last Aired

    College Sports Governance and Compensation

    The Aspen Institute hosted a series of discussions on the potential implications of allowing college athletes to receive compensation. Speakers included former Georgetown University men’s…

  • John Brennan Lisa Monaco and James Clapper Discuss National Security
    Last Aired

    Intelligence and National Security

    Former White House Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Adviser Lisa Monaco, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper talked about national…

  • emI Am Not a Tractorem
    Last Aired

    I Am Not a Tractor

    Susan Marquis, vice president of innovation at the RAND Corporation, looked at efforts by Florida farmworkers to improve their working conditions.

  • emFranklin D Rooseveltem
    Last Aired

    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Historian Robert Dallek examined the political acumen of President Franklin D. Roosvelt throughout his four presidential terms.

  • US Global Leadership Senator Sullivan and NAFTA Panel
    Last Aired

    U.S. Global Leadership, Senator Sullivan and NAFTA Panel

    Participants talked about the ways U.S. diplomatic strategy had shifted since President Trump took office and his administration’s effect ton the nation’s place of leadership in the world.…

  • Former National Security Advisers Discuss the Future of US Global Leadership
    Last Aired

    U.S. Global Leadership

    Former national security advisers talked about America’s global leadership role and the state of the so-called liberal world order. They discussed U.S. relations with its allies as well as…

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