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  • Women Authors  The Write Stuff
    Last Aired

    Women Authors: The Write Stuff

    Panelists discussed the lives, roles, and contributions of women. Among the topics addressed were the authors' books, their reasons for writing, and the identities of women. Ms. Sonenshine…

  • Behind the Scenes at the White House
    Last Aired

    Behind the Scenes at the White House

    Former social secretaries spoke about organizing and entertaining at White House events over the years. They related personal recollections of the events and spoke about how various…

  • Women Authors The Write Stuff
    Last Aired

    Women Authors: The Write Stuff

    A panel of distinguished authors discussed how and why they write. The panel, moderated by Ms. Lehrer, includes Ms. Settle, author of I, Roger Williams, Ms. Golden, author of The Edge of…

  • The Path to Leadership
    Last Aired

    The Path to Leadership

    Ms. Evans and Ms. Smith talked about their rise to leadership positions and about women’s leadership roles. After their comments they answered questions from the audience.

  • District of Columbia Issues
    Last Aired

    District of Columbia Issues

    Ms. Barnett, who was recently appointed by the District of Columbia Control Board, talked about her reform agenda for the District of Columbia. She stressed the need for better customer…

  • Talk Radio Discussion Issues
    Last Aired

    Talk Radio Discussion Issues

    In a forum titled, “What’s America Talking About?,” three radio talk show hosts discussed which issues are discussed most by listeners and why. Following their prepared remarks, they took…

  • Politics of Abortion
    Last Aired

    Politics of Abortion

    Advocates on both sides of the abortion issue discussed why it is so contentious and the possibilities for reaching a consensus. They examined such factors as religion and the dualistic…

  • Women in the Political Fast Lane
    Last Aired

    Women in the Political Fast Lane

    Participants talked about their political careers and what qualities women need to be successful in the political arena. They also discussed the need for more women in politics. Ms. Kunin…

  • Womens Perspective on Washington
    Last Aired

    Women's Perspective on Washington

    In a panel discussion titled, Washington Through the Eyes of the Women Who Cover It, participants discussed Washington politics from their own perspectives as female journalists. There was…

  • Women and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Women and the Economy

    The panelists discussed economic trends, legislation and policies and how they affect women. They also answered questions from the audience.

  • Legislation Impact on Women and Minorities
    Last Aired

    Legislation Impact on Women and Minorities

    Five female correspondents from both television and the print media discussed the impact of recent legislation on women and minorities. They also discussed media coverage of female and…

  • Impact of Political Campaigns
    Last Aired

    Impact of Political Campaigns

    Four female correspondents discussed the 1992 presidential and congressional campaigns and their impact on women in America in front of a large luncheon audience. Issues brought up in the…