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  • Bill Browder Discusses Russia Corruption and Human Rights
    Last Aired

    Bill Browder on Russia, Corruption and Human Rights

    Bill Browder talked about his experiences as one of the the largest foreign investors in Russia and his work to end worldwide human rights abuses. He was expelled in 2005 from Russia for…

  • emNorth Korea and Regional Security in the Kim Jongun Eraem
    Last Aired

    North Korea and Regional Security in the Kim Jong-un Era

    Bruce Bechtol talked about his book, North Korea and Regional Security in the Kim Jong-un Era: A New International Security Dilemma, in which he discusses the challenges posed by North…

  • British Perspective on Middle East Uprisings
    Last Aired

    British Perspective on Middle East Uprisings

    British Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for the Middle East and South Asia Alistair Burt gave a British perspective on recent Middle East uprisings and world energy security. He…

  • Monitoring Human Rights
    Last Aired

    Monitoring Human Rights

    Marc Garlasco talked about his personal experience investigating conflicts in Afghanistan, Georgia, Iraq and Lebanon. As a senior military analyst for Human Rights Watch’s emergency team he would often be the…

  • North American Energy Policy
    Last Aired

    North American Energy Policy

    Matthew Simmons talked about the effects of the energy crisis in North America. He said that the shared investments of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada are essential to the discovery and implementation of…

  • Global Business
    Last Aired

    Global Business

    Rich Karlgaard talked about future trends in international business, the current financial markets crisis, and the possible effect of the Obama administration. Following his remarks he responded to…

  • Analysis of the Surge in Iraq
    Last Aired

    Analysis of the Surge in Iraq

    Army Colonel (Ret.) Peter Mansoor talked about the strategy of the military surge in Iraq. He emphasized that of greater importance than merely the increased number of troops was the resulting ability to position…

  • Future of Africa
    Last Aired

    Future of Africa

    George Ayittey talked about the future of Africa. He argued that Africa is poor because its resources have been mismanaged over the centuries.

  • Perspective of Middle Eastern Youth
    Last Aired

    Perspective of Middle Eastern Youth

    Shafeeq Ghabra talked about the size and future of the youth population in the Middle East, where approximately half of the population was under the age of 21. He also talked about their perceptions of…

  • emWork Hard Studyand Keep Out of Politicsem
    Last Aired

    Work Hard, Study...and Keep Out of Politics!

    Former Secretary of State Baker talked about his biography "Work Hard, Study...and Keep Out of Politics!": Adventures and Lessons from an Unexpected Public Life, published by Putnam. President George…