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  • emFuture of Conservation in Americaem
    Last Aired

    Future of Conservation in America

    Jonathan Jarvis, former director of the National Park Service, offered his thoughts on the current state of the National Park Service and provided a path forward. He was joined in…

  • Discussion Focuses on President Obamas Civil Rights Legacy
    Last Aired

    President Obama's Civil Rights Legacy

    A panel of historians, authors and academics look at civil rights in the age of Obama and what’s ahead for the next administration. This was part of a recent conference on Race and Justice in the Age of Obama at the…

  • Discussion Focuses on President Obamas Civil Rights Legacy
    Last Aired

    President Obama's Legacy on Race and Justice

    A Republican presidential campaign adviser,a former faith adviser to President Obama, historian Mary Frances Berry and others talked about President Obama’s legacy during his time in office. “Obama’s Legacy:…

  • Next Presidents Agenda
    Last Aired

    Next President's Agenda

    Two Republican presidential campaign advisers and two liberal advocates talked about race and justice during the Obama presidency. The panelists also gave advice to the next president. “Looking Forward: Race in…

  • Maziar Bahari on Iran Imprisonment and emThe Daily Showem
    Last Aired

    Iran Imprisonment and the Daily Show

    After appearing on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” Newsweek reporter Maziar Bahari was arrested and held prisoner in Iran on espionage charges. His imprisonment was the basis…

  • Social Media and Politics
    Last Aired

    Social Media and Politics

    Shira Center moderated a discussion on the effects of social media on the 2016 political campaigns and whether social media was ruining politics. The panelists responded to questions from the student…

  • Eric Cantor on Political DecisionMaking
    Last Aired

    Eric Cantor on Political Decision-Making

    Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) talked about the challenges of long-term political decision-making. He discussed immigration, the economic stimulus bill passed in 2009,…

  • Discussion on Internet Policy Impact on Startup Companies
    Last Aired

    Internet Policy and Startups

    Panelists talked about the impact of Internet policies on startup companies. “Your Next Big Startup Idea: Why Internet Policy Matters” was a panel at an Internet policy conference hosted by Harvard…

  • Government and the Internet
    Last Aired

    Government and the Internet

    Panelists talked about government policies and their effects on the Internet. Panelists included representatives from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and eBay, as well as federal and local government…

  • Politics and Humor with Seth Rogen
    Last Aired

    Politics and Humor with Seth Rogen

    Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Lizz Winstead spoke with Harvard Lampoon President Alexis Wilkinson about politics and humor. Clips of their work were shown. Topics discussed included Mr. Rogen’s advocacy on Alzheimer’s…

  • Charles Haldeman Remarks on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    Last Aired

    Charles Haldeman Remarks on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

    Charles E. Haldeman talked about the housing market and the state of the economy. Ed Haldeman became the chief executive officer of Freddie Mac after it was placed in conservatorship by the government. He…

  • Race and the 2012 Presidential Campaign
    Last Aired

    Race and the 2012 Presidential Campaign

    Panelists talked about race and the 2012 presidential campaign. Some of the topics included voter identification laws, the black vote, and voter ID laws, President Obama’s and Republican…

  • Women on War and Peace
    Last Aired

    Women on War and Peace

    Officials from the Bush and Obama administrations talked about being a woman in the national security field. Michele Flournoy focused on the Obama administration’s Afghanistan policy. They…

  • First Year of the Obama Presidency
    Last Aired

    First Year of the Obama Presidency

    David Axelrod talked to students about his political career and the first year of the Obama presidency. He focused on his role in the 2008 presidential campaign and his current experiences…

  • Understanding the Economic Crisis
    Last Aired

    Understanding the Economic Crisis

    A bipartisan group of newly-elected members of Congress participated in a roundtable discussion on the economic crisis and what Congress can and should do. The speakers included economists…

  • Inside Campaign 2008
    Last Aired

    Inside Campaign 2008

    Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe and strategist David Axelrod, McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis, and pollster Bill McInturff discussed the day to day management and overall strategies of the 2008…

  • National Intelligence Director Speech
    Last Aired

    National Intelligence Director Speech

    National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell talked about the importance of a strong intelligence community to face international challenges. Among the topics he addressed information…

  • Presidential Nominating System
    Last Aired

    Presidential Nominating System

    Participants talked about the method of selecting presidential nominees. They talked about the progression of the primary systems from the initial structure to the status quo. They spoke of the…

  • Young Voters and 2006 Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    Young Voters and 2006 Midterm Elections

    Political consultants and academics talked about a poll contrasting the political views of both college and non-college 18-24 year olds. The poll included data on attitudes about President…

  • College Student Poll
    Last Aired

    College Student Poll

    Harvard’s Institute of Politics released the result of a new national poll examining the political views of American college students. Issues polled included religion and morality, the war…

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