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  • Feminism in the 1960s and 1970s
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    Feminism in the 1960s and 1970s

    Fordham University history Professor Kirsten Swinth talked about her book, "Feminism’s Forgotten Fight: The Unfinished Struggle for Work and Family. She was joined by Congressional Delegate Eleanor…

  • Feminist Majority Foundation Panel on Womens Vote in 2012
    Last Aired

    Feminist Majority Foundation Panel on Women's Vote in 2012

    Participants spoke about issues important to women in the 2012 election including women’s reproductive rights and a review of ballot measures affecting women. The Feminist Majority…

  • Challenges Facing Women
    Last Aired

    Challenges Facing Women

    Gloria Steinem and others spoke at a conference on women’s issues. They spoke about progress made by the feminist movement and challenges still facing women. Among the topics they addressed…

  • Womens Issues and the Obama Administration
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues and the Obama Administration

    White House advisers on women’s issues addressed a summit hosted by the Feminist Majority Foundation in partnership with the YWCA. They talked about the challenges facing women and the Obama…

  • Afghan Women and Girls
    Last Aired

    Afghan Women and Girls

    Dr. Sima Samar reviewed the human rights conditions in Afghanistan, especially the deteriorating conditions of Afghan women and girls. Eleanor Smeal announced a new campaign to help Afghan…

  • March for Womens Lives
    Last Aired

    March for Women's Lives

    Politicians, celebrities, and others spoke in support of women’s rights around the world, including family planning, education, and human rights. They also supported the preservation of…

  • Womens Issues
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues

    Some of the organizations sponsoring a March for Women’s Lives to be held the next Sunday on the National Mall in Washington unveiled their annual “Global Women’s Issues Scorecard on the Bush…

  • Reproductive Freedom
    Last Aired

    Reproductive Freedom

    Representatives of various organizations spoke to reporters about their plans to organize a march on Washington in support of abortion and reproductive rights the following spring. After…

  • Abortion Drugs
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    Abortion Drugs

    Participants talked about legalizing and distributing drugs that induce abortions. Noting that the drugs are available and used in European countries, they said that the procedure was…

  • Winning Political Equality for Women
    Last Aired

    Winning Political Equality for Women

    Participants spoke about organizing and ways to advocate feminist policy goals. Among the topics they addressed were opposing the religious right, reproductive rights, same sex unions, and gender…

  • Money as a Proxy for Power
    Last Aired

    Money as a Proxy for Power

    CEOs and women leaders described how influence over money could be used to promote feminism in their companies, their boardrooms, and in politics. They stressed ways to make positive…

  • Future Leaders of the Feminist Movement
    Last Aired

    Future Leaders of the Feminist Movement

    Young feminists spoke about issues shaping their lives as leaders of their generation. Among the issues they addressed were the levels of participation by young women in feminist causes,…

  • Womens Issues and Clinton Investigation
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues and Clinton Investigation

    Feminist leaders spoke to the press about the potential impeachment of President Clinton. They strongly objected to impeachment proceedings and urged both women and men to actively oppose…

  • Feminist Expo 96
    Last Aired

    Feminist Expo '96

    Legislators and feminist activists gathered to discuss a variety of issues, including affirmative action and the federal budget. They also criticized the actions of the 104th Congress thus…

  • Affirmative Action Poll Results
    Last Aired

    Affirmative Action Poll Results

    The participants briefed reporters and answered questions about the support for a California initiative that would eliminate state affirmative action programs.